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Banarasi Sarees are famous all over the world for its lustrous and incomparable beauty. Be it young, old, curvy or lean body, a pure Benarasi silk saree brings out the best in any woman. They are the pride of Bengali women. Many women inherit these sarees from their mother or grandmother as such a single banarasi saree can be used by generation after generation if maintained properly which also adds more emotion and sentiment toward these sarees. They are one of the major ethnic wear in India for women, mostly worn during festivals and occasions. Indian brides majorly use this saree as their wedding attire.

Historically, Benarasi sarees have been around for many years. They can be traced back to the period of Mughal Empire and were exclusively made for royalties. Today these sarees come with a mixture of both Indian and Mughal culture. Mostly, manufactured in the holy city of Benaras, Banarasi sarees are heavy in texture due to the amazing embroidery works it features, which also gives massive elegance and richness to the sarees. The weaving process of these sarees are very intricate. Back in the day, when the sarees were exclusive for the Royals, it would take around a year or so to complete one benarasi sarees which would be made completely out of pure gold or silver threads. In modern times, real pure threads of gold or silver has been replaced with coloured threads to manage the cost and it takes around 15 - 30 days to complete a saree depending on the designs and patterns. Sarees with heavy and complex designs and patterns can take up to six months, even more if required. Usually, three or four weavers work together to complete one banarasi saree. Depending on the type of fabric used, Benarasi sarees can be traditionally classified into four types. They are pure Silk sarees, Organza, Shattir and Georgette sarees. These mesmerising sarees can be futher divided into more types depending on their design and patterns works.

Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has been providing authentic and best quality sarees for more than two decades now. Our exclusive Banarasi wedding sarees collection is intricately designed and inspired by royal artwork. The gold and silver brocade, or zari work has made this saree a perfect bridal attire. Shop from the premium range of designer or traditional sarees online at our website from the ease of your home.

Tips To Choose A Benarasi Saree on Your Wedding Day

For many brides, a wedding saree embodies the essence of elegance and tradition on their special day. However, choosing the perfect wedding saree among the wide range of colors, designs, and fabrics can feel overwhelming. Here's a guide to help you navigate this exciting process and find your ideal Banarasi saree:

Embrace Your Individuality: While classic reds and golds hold a special place in traditional wedding sarees, don't be afraid to explore beyond them! Consider colors that flatter your skin tone and resonate with your personal style. From vibrant fuchsias to serene ivories, the spectrum offers a wedding saree for every bride.

Complement Your Silhouette: The intricate patterns and luxurious fabrics of Banarasi sarees come in various weights. If you have a petite frame, lighter silks with delicate motifs can create a graceful drape on your wedding saree. For taller figures, bolder designs and heavier fabrics can add a touch of grandeur to your wedding saree.

Remember, Comfort is Key: Your wedding day should be a celebration of love and joy, not discomfort. Choose a wedding saree that feels comfortable against your skin and allows for ease of movement. After all, you'll be wearing it for an extended period on your wedding day, so prioritize comfort alongside style.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can embark on your search for the ideal Banarasi saree, confident that you'll find the one that makes you feel radiant and ready to embark on your happily ever after.

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