Monthly Archives: March 2023

  1. Ikkat Silk Saree- Odisha's Unmatched Art of Weaving
    When talking about sarees, one saree that we must talk about is the Ikkat silk saree, which is the pride of Odisha. Often pronounced as ‘Ikat’ or ‘Ikhat’, the term Ikat comes from the Malay-Indonesian word ‘Mengikat’ which roughly translate to ‘tie’ or ‘bind’.
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  2. How to choose the Right Kind of Saree for Every Occasion

    Sarees are the most popular choice of outfit among the Indian women and not just in India, many women across the world recognizes this particular form of Indian ethnic wear as an exquisite and brilliant choice of outfit. Even though sarees are one of the oldest forms of woman dressing, wearing a saree can never go out of trend.

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