3 Mostly Preferred Silk Sarees for an Indian Wedding

An Indian bride leaves no stone unturned to look splendid from tip to toe on her special day that is her wedding day. Whether she is following the ancient tradition or the modern trend of the 'big fat wedding', bridal attire will be the center of focus to wedding preparations. They fix their focus on different varieties of traditional silk sarees of the Indian saree world. This is why the silk saree, known for its luxurious beauty and lush texture, is very popular as bridal wear. Of course, many brides simply pick up their bridal sarees based on their culture and region; for instance, those having a traditional Maharashtrian wedding would stick to Paithani sarees while those in Kerala would go for a Kerala Kasavu. Those with a wider outlook will find a greater variety as they choose between the gorgeous bridal sarees made in different regions of India. There are three types of the most popular varieties of wedding sarees like banarasi silk saree, gadwal silk saree and kanjivaram silk saree which are chosen by most of the brides, irrespective of their regional culture and outlook.

Banarasi silks sarees started their journey from the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The silk holds the superior feature made out of the highly polished yarns. The banarasi brocade sarees are precious treasures in a women’s wardrobe. This spellbinding silk has flourished bridal wear around the globe and has marked itself into the rank of the classics. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal brings to you its vast range of banarasi silk sarees through its online website.The various varieties available in it are the banarasi kora silk sarees, soft flowing banarasi georgette, Banarasi Tussar silk, & Banarasi Satin silk sarees. The sarees hold the fantastic features with respect to fragile pure gold zari weaving in motifs inspired from the Mughal period of florals & jhallar patterns, contrast border and pallu.

Designer Banarasi Saree

Gadwal silk is known for its wide range of designs and borders. The zari work in gold and silver along the borders is the culture that Gadwal sarees have upheld the fashion ramp. Beyond the regular designs that are adapted from geometry and the temple architecture of Gadwal, but initially, there were no designs in these sarees. With passing days, Gadwal silk sarees have gained a certain level of modern techniques and colors in its vast array of exquisite saree collection. The Gadwal sarees were handwoven varieties of saree which were the main source of livelihood for the weavers of Andhra Pradesh. Gadwal silk sarees were a big hit, as bridal attire right from the beginning. Hence, some weavers from Gadwal were sent to Banaras by the king to learn the art of weaving this particular style. The outcome was a handwoven variety of Gadwal sarees that became immensely popular. At present, many fashionable young brides prefer Gadwal silk saree as their bridal attire for its classical quality and gorgeous look.

Gadwal Silk Saree

For a south Indian bride, marriage is incomplete if the bride is not in possession of Kanjivaram silk saree. They would like a kanjivaram silk saree of vibrant color as a bridal saree. The kanjivaram Silk Sarees online are made from mulberry silk that is produced in Southern India and the zari comes from Gujarat. The saree is basically a fusion of signature materials found in different parts of the nation. This makes it a symbol of unity, culture, and integrity of the country. The pallu of the saree is often woven first which is then followed by the body and the border of the kanjivaram silk sarees. These sarees can be easily distinguished from others due to their wide and contrasting borders, and some common types of border designs include temple border, butta border, and checks & stripes border. The temple border kanjivaram silk sarees are amongst the best-selling options at the website of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal. These borders are inspired from the traditional artworks and designs found on temples and historic monuments. The butta (floral) comprises of intricate motifs and patterns that enhance the appeal of these traditional sarees with a remarkable style.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Brides are defined by their attire. Your Wedding Saree is a cherished lifetime possession for you. Mix contemporary fashion and traditional heritage for the many pre and post-wedding festivities and celebrations. Choose from the wide range of wedding sarees styles available at Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal including the traditional weaves like Banarasi Silk Wedding Sarees or the more trendy wedding Sarees. Your wedding trousseau is something that will forever arouse a sea of emotions and will be remembered for the rest of your life. Hence, it needs to be chosen with the utmost care to be the epitome of perfection. Head to the website of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal for timeless Sarees for the precious and priceless day in your life.