Banarasi Sarees are always loved by Indian women and lustrous beauty of these sarees always wins the heart of everyone. Banarasi sarees are adored by ladies of different ages, different religions and nationalities. It represents your class and luxury in any occasion. Despite of being known as a traditional outfit, Banarasi sarees are also considered as one best wedding outfit of all time. Different varieties Banarasi saree you will find online those you hardly know. In this post, you will find 4 must have Banarasi sarees those you can find online. These gorgeous Banarasi sarees have flattering style and can be worn as traditional wear as well as bridal wear also.
Varieties Of Banarasi Saree:
You will find lots of varieties of Banarasi sarees. The most popular ones are: Korial Banarasi, Pashmina Banarasi, Traditional Banarasi and Tanchoi Banarasi Sarees. There are more varities too, but these 4 are very unique and best in quality.
How these sarees are made? This gorgeous bridal saree is made from finely woven silk and delicately handcrafted with zari, Kora and other materials. Banarasi sarees are world famous because of their their gold, zari, silver handwork, natural silk and excellent embroidery.
Why Banarasi sarees are famous? Looking the perfect bridal attire has always been an important factor for any woman. This article will help you to choose the best fabric of the wedding outfit.
Korial Banarasi

The word Koria originated from the name “kora which means spotless or white in Bengali language. You can consider this Korial Banarasi sarees as an enhanced version of Garad sarees. Korial Banarasi sarees have jaw dropping border work (Pallu or Anchal) and this is the reason it can be considered a perfect traditional banarasi saree. Most of these saree has attractive designs all over the body and the golden work makes it more appealing.
Pashmina Banarasi

Pashmina Banarasi has won every women's heart because of its range of colors. Mostly all Pashmina Benarasi sarees have golden buti work in the body and nicely designed border. As colors play a crucial role in wedding outfit sections, that's why Pashmina Banarasi can be a good choice for any wedding occasion. Authentic silk weaves and metallic artwork has added an elegant texture to these bridal sarees.
traditional banarasi

The Indian traditional banarasi sarees are the oldest and most famous bridal wear. It is the traditional attire or a trend of matching and mixes the pure silk with other garments such as net, georgette, shimmer and more. Traditional banarasi saree comes in various designs, shades and patterns such as embroidery banarasi, silk banarasi, designer banarasi sarees, cut work sarees etc. The holy city Banaras is the main producer of Banarasi sarees and this sarees has strong connection with the Indian history.
Tanchoi Banarasi

Tanchoi Banarasi is a famous weaving method that involves a single or double warp and two to six colors on the thread which are often of the same color, on Silk fabric. One of the unique factors that make these banarasi sarees a class apart is small weaving patterns over the fabric and eccentric handstiched flowers, peacocks, Sun, etc. All over India has a craze of tanchoi sarees for formal occasion, wedding ceremonies and festivals. Women like to wear Tanchoi saress in winter season most.
Banarasi sarees are an integral part of an Indian bride's outfit. Before buying a bridal banarasi saree decide which traditional look will suit you.. The average cost of designer banarasi sarees varies with the design of the pattern and border. When you are planning to attend a great event like wedding ceremonies these sarees will really give you a royal look.