Avoid 7 Common Mistakes While Wearing A Benarasi Saree

Women across the globe who belong to Indian ethnicity, would love to drape a royal Benarasi saree at their big events and celebrations. The craze among this saree is eternal and yet a lot of women fail to rock a Benarasi saree look due to some common mistakes that they might have overlooked while draping or accessorizing it. As a result, they end up looking all messed up and grab the attention of the viewers for all the wrong reasons. Hence, in this blog, we’ll tap into 7 common mistakes that you must avoid while wearing a Benarasi saree. Count on.

Wearing Exaggerated Accessories

Needless to say, Benarasi saree is one gorgeous piece of cloth that can brighten any event for sure. With heavy pallu, intricate designs, fine Zari works, and vibrant colors, the saree itself is a fashion statement. Hence, if you go further and add more accessories like heavy jewelries, or a massive hairdo, it will look over the top. Therefore, you must be very careful while accessorizing a Benarasi saree look because a bit of extra effort can ruin the look instantly.

Choosing the Wrong Petticoat

One of the most common mistakes women commit unknowingly while wearing a Benarasi saree is to choose the wrong petticoat. Many a times you end up choosing a petticoat with a lot of flare. So, instead of accentuating the Benarasi saree, you look bulkier. Another mistake with petticoat is to pick the wrong color. Suppose you are wearing a maroon Benarasi saree and wearing a white colored petticoat. The white color under the saree might make the maroon color look dull.

Too Many Pleats

You must be careful while choosing your Benarasi saree and pick the one that fits your structure. A very long length can make the draping more difficult as the number of pleats will increase and the tummy will look fluffy as you tuck the pleats in. a decent amount of pleats will place perfectly at the front and will stay as it is. Hence, avoid doing too many pleats while wearing a Benarasi saree.

Choosing the Wrong Benarasi Saree

One very important point is to choose the right Benarasi saree for the right event. Suppose it’s a ceremonial ritual of Haldi. So, the hour calls for something breezy and light. Yet you cannot compromise looking royal. In that case, if you choose a dark maroon Benarasi saree with heavy pallu and Zari patterns, it won’t do justice to the event. Instead, you can choose an off-white or a bright yellow Benarasi saree with simple booti works all over it.

Wearing the Wrong Footwear

If you drape a Benarasi saree and wear a wrong footwear, you have perhaps ruined the look right there. When it comes to Benarasi saree, yes, footwear does matter. You cannot just put your feet into anything and walk around effortlessly. However, make sure you don’t overdo the footwear. A complimentary sandal would do good.

Using Too Many Pins

If you are using too many pins to set your saree, then evidently the Benarasi saree didn’t fit you well. The effort will show up and people will notice the trouble it is giving you. Hence, carefully choose the Benarasi saree that drapes well around your body so that you don’t have to set it by adding extra pins.

Picking Inappropriate Blouse

Choosing the right blouse is equally important when it comes to Benarasi saree styling. The best option here is to stitch the blouse from the saree fabric and add the border design of the saree around the arms and back. that way, the blouse will compliment the saree perfectly without having to go for other appropriate options.