Beginner’s guide for saree draping

Enigmatic saree has been ruling over Indian ethnic wear for centuries. It is really a matter of practice to drape this six yards attire properly as well as perfectly. Some of the wearers will take years to bring perfection to their saree draping. But this is not exactly a very tedious work if proper guideline is followed. Beginners may find it difficult initially but later it gets easier with proper guideline.

Now I am trying to show the ways of saree draping to the beginners so that they can do it easily and get the appreciations from their friends and relatives in get togethers and parties.


For beginners, whenever there is pleating, be it for the pallu or the front pleats, remember to secure the pin vertically and not horizontally. This will keep all the pleats perfectly in place without tearing a hole through your saree. Also use colored safety pins if it in visible zone. They will be camouflaged instead of sticking out like an antenna.

For those who are not very used to carrying a saree, pallu can really put them into embarrassment in the middle of a party by getting displaced. So, pallu to be pinned up nicely in order to avoid this type of a mess. While pinning the pallu the wearer must ensure that it is pinned at the back and not on the shoulder. It creates a sleeker look and keeps the pallu away from sticking out as a weired wing of an elf. In case you plan on keeping the pallu unpleated and open, lightly pin the pallu at your hip. This gives your arms enough allowance for movement without pallu getting flown off.

Making the saree pleats can be the most challenging task for a beginner in the entire operation of saree draping. Once made, the pleats can still be quite difficult to manage. If it is a cotton saree it should be lightly starched. This will make the drape stiffer and will prevent it from getting stuck within the legs of the wearer while walking. If the wearer is not very confident of the draping, she should always pin the pleats in a bunch before it is tucked in.

Another suggestion for the beginner is that saree should always be complemented with a full length petticoat, a nicely matching blouse, suitable purse and slipper and proper jewelry. Only saree without all these accessories will be an incomplete attire for a lady.

I am sure that beginners will be benefitted with all the information I have shared with them in this blog. The saree is a long cloth, from five to nine yards in length that is draped on the body in various styles. But it does not require any special skill to do the saree draping. A beginner can also reach perfection if she follows the right procedure. Here I have tried to guide them in the proper direction to achieve the success.