Bengali’s love for Banarasi Saree

Banarasi silk sarees have originated from religious city of Banaras and a sense of mysticism is always attached to this saree. Crafted using gold or silver thread and created with the highest grade of silk fabric, banarasi silk saree got the title as the queen of Indian silk sarees. Combining Persian and Indian styles, these sarees are decorated with small booties or motifs across the entire length. These sarees are identified with delicate embroidery or intricate zari work.

Bengalis have a special type of love for banarasi silk sarees. For different occasions they would love to wear different types of banarasi silk sarees. A Bengali wedding is incomplete without a banarasi silk saree. Red is the color of love or passion and red Banarasi silk saree is the most chosen saree in which a Bengali bride would like to see herself on her wedding day.

Banarasi silk sarees are of many types like zardousi, korial, pashmina, tanchoi, butider, brocade and so on. Amongst them a signature collection category is there which are crafted by designers of immense talent.

West Bengal is the place where banarasi sarees have reached their highest level of appreciation. There are other places in India like Varanasi, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai this saree is very popular. But when it comes to the wedding time, Bengalis think that the gorgeous banarasi silk saree is the best and the most attractive bridal attire amongst all dressy sarees.

Kolkata is the place where this saree is accepted as most popular and traditional one. Availability of banarasi silk sarees are also very huge in Kolkata. Many shop and showrooms are situated in Kolkata, offering a wide range of beautiful banarasi silk sarees. Some of them are having online selling facilities for the convenience of their prestigious buyers and these showrooms never compromise on quality. So, one can just buy sarees from them, not worrying about texture, color and durability of their most favorite banarasi silk saree.

Due to their love for this saree Bengalis have given this saree an exclusive status which one may not find even in Baranas, the originating town of banarasi silk saree.

Now, it may not be too much out of context to mention the name of Benarasi Nikatan which can really meet the satisfaction of a customer with its’ massive stock of banarasi silk sarees. A customer can always search into their website to find out the facilities of online shopping. This shop has imposed a quality control on their sarees and these banarasi silk sarees are of pure fabric, latest designs and attractive colors, sold at a very reasonable price.

Banarasi silk sarees are ruling over the saree world of India for so many decades and Bengalis have further enriched it with their plunging love. The tradition of Bengalis and banarasi silk sarees have gone absolutely interlinked and it will remain like this for many more decades in future.