India is a holy country with ethnic people, dialects and regional diversities. The mixture of rich traditions and family unity makes India outstanding. You can find different languages, attires, mannerisms, beliefs in different places within the country which is truly incredible. If attires are taken into consideration then, there exists a large variety out of which saree is the most popular one. The saree is an integral part of Indian tradition and culture and its originated from the very beginning of Indian civilization. Though it was just a mere cloth to cover the body but gradually styles of sarees evolved with time and has become a modern outfit with the involvement of regional mentality in ethinic fashion. The beautiful motifs and designs have made sarees the most preferable dress among Indian women. There are various sarees available at each and every corner of India, which have a regional influence on their colours, designs and textures.

Sarees From South India

South India has a distinct cultural heritage. The most preferred outfit of women here is saree. South India is a famous place for producing and exporting silks. South Indian bridal sarees have a great popularity across the world.
Kanjivaram Silk

Kanjivaram is the most famous among all south Indian sarees. They usually have wide borders and decorative work in the body. These glamourous silk sarees are one of the most demanding sarees of India because of their stunning motifs. Even Bollywood heroines of South Indian background like Rekha, Vidya Balan were also seen wearing Kanjivaram quite often. Besides Kanjivaram silk, there are many other beautiful South Indian sarees like Arni silk, Opara Silk, Ikkat silks which are equally popular in India. There are also many good looking south cotton sarees which are lightweight and can be worn in any season.

Sarees From East India

Bengali women are considered as the most beautiful in the world not only because of their cute smile and magical eyes, but because of their class, unique style and grace. The Bengali women of these generations have more varied choices, in terms of the pattern, styling and the fabrics. Bengali saree designs usually look very artistic and unique, whether it is a banarasi saree or an extremely gorgeous Dhakai Jamdani.
Dhakai Jamdani sarees

The name Dhakai comes from the word Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The weaving methods of Dhakai sarees were invented by the Bangladeshi weavers, but the designs and patterns were inspired from the Persians. Some Dhakai Jamdani sarees have floral motifs while some have the interlacing threads that make this saree look so alluring. To match up the current fashion trends, jamdani sarees are getting a newer look by using new designs and innovations. Baluchori saree of Bengal is considered to be one of the best traditional sarees of India. The saree weavers create mythological stories and characters on the border and body that have made these sarees so famous. Tant and Tussar silks are also one of the most selling sarees of West Bengal. People like these sarees because of the fine and unique fabrics that are suitable to the weather of Bengal. Assam silks are one of the most beautifully patterned sarees that are made from Assam Muga Silk. Floral designs, zari work and elegant bodies are the main reasons of liking for these sarees. Tussar silk is produced from the larvae of silkworms and it originated from Bhagalpur. The base material of these sarees is very fine with painting design and embroidery artworks which makes them just worth buying.

Sarees from West India

Saree from West India have always shown a wide variety of colors and patterns with each of the sarees having its own persona and style.
Kota sarees

Rajasthani sarees are very much popular for its unique fabric which is both gorgeous and colorful. Rajasthani cotton sarees are transparent and easy to carry. These sarees are perfect for the summer season. Kota silk sarees are also one of the most famous sarees in India. The name comes from a small town of Rajasthan. The saree weavers from Kota always show extraordinary skills to make each saree unique. The marvelous square shaped pattern of Kota silk saree makes women look more beautiful. Gadwal cotton sarees are another type of colorful sarees from West India. Their style is slightly inspired from banarasi sarees however the body of the saree usually remains plain and the border of the saree weaved with golden zari gives it a gorgeous look. Gujarati Katha stitch sarees should also be mentioned while describing popular West Indian sarees. They are a little bit expensive but their artwork like leaves, flowers and stems outlined by a fine dark line are really remarkable. From traditional sarees to bridal sarees Gujarat has proven their expertise in producing excellent quality.

Sarees from North India

Banarasi sarees

Sarees from North India also have won the heart of Indian women. It will be unfair if we don't mention the name of Banarasi sarees. These sarees are the pride possession of Banaras. These are considered to be the most gorgeous bridal sarees of India. The banarasi sarees are made up of finely knitted silk threads. Delicate gold and silver zari work and the quality of the silk of banarasi saree is really a symbol of your status. Kashmiri stitch sarees are spectacular in design. The embroidery handwork and cool colors like magenta, pink, golden yellow, light green will give you the essence of Kashmir. These sarees usually have resham stitched Kolka design motifs all over the body. Anchal and the borders are decorated with fine resham which give a very nice look. Another beautiful silk saree of Kashmir is worthy to have named Pashmina Silk saree. Pashmina which comes from the word Pashm, means a fine type of Kashmiri wool. The quality of these sarees is excellent and extremely durable.

Sarees from Central India

Chanderi saree is an amazing piece of cloth that will never go out of the fashion. This nine yards nice-looking saree got the name from a small place in Madhya Pradesh of central India named Chanderi. Chanderi sarees can be found in different designs and shades. This saree is a very popular choice for parties or functions, formal wear and festivals. Maheshwari saree is another likable sarees from India. These sarees are made up of lightweight cotton and silks with zari work in the border that can be worn any time. Saree is a vital part of Indian culture and they are worn in every region of India. All saree lovers should collect these best regional sarees which will surely enhance the worth of the wardrobe and reflect the taste of Indian ethnic fashion.