Nothing looks as gorgeous on a lady as a well draped saree. The majority of people believe that we have to choose right saree to complement our body shapes and looks. But in daily or regular occasion we have to wear those kind of sarees that we can carry easily though look great in every manner. There are many sarees available that are soft and smooth on skin though very durable. In This blog you will find some of the best sarees that can be worn on regular occasions.

Chiffon Sarees

: cotton

The beauty of a saree mostly reflects when it gracefully enhances the curves of the Indian women. That is why Indian women love to wear Chiffon sarees because of it's comfort and ability to show curves well. The fabric of this saree is so unique that it perfectly drapes on the body and exhibit the elegance. These sarees are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Wearing these sarees can give a formal look can be worn in offices and parties. Another USP of this saree is versetility because of its's light weight and can be combined with any kind of blouse and accessories. Moreover Chiffon sarees are easily washable though remain intact thought out the day..

Cotton Sarees

: cotton

Cotton sarees can be worn by any women from all age groups and with different heights. If anyone thinking to wear a comfortable fabric, cotton is the first choice for her. Cotton is smooth on the skin during hot and gives a cool sensation in humid summer days. There are many heavy fabrics avaliable in the market, which can't be worn in summer because it gives skin rashes, but in case of cotton you don't have to worry about that. These sarees aren’t loud and yet steals the show. Moreover a cotton saree can be worn in a regular manner and still won’t lose its charm.

Tant saree

: tant

Bengal is world famous for its zeal towards arts and crafts. Tant handloom saree is a perfect example of Bengal's creativity. Tant saree has its root in the villages of West bengal. Tant sarees are crisp and transparent in look. They are light weight and suitable for a hot summer season of West Bengal. Tant saree comes in various colors like, yellow, parrot green, indigo etc which give you a sophisticated look.

Georgette Saree

: Georgette

Georgette sarees have been a popular choice for Indian women because of it sheer, lightweight, dull-finished fabric. Women like to wear this saree as tradional and contemporary outfit. Georgette sarees are lightweight and versatile that have make this saree so popular. These sarees are quite pleasant to wear in hot weather and are also often used for casual occasions and formal wear. Even georgette sarees are so versetile that you can wear it in weddings, cocktail parties too.