Buy perfect sarees according to your body shape

Indian women love to wear sarees because of its unmatched elegance and beauty. Earlier saree was considered only as a traditional outfit, but the recent scenario has totally changed. Sarees have gone ahead and the methods of wearing a saree has also changed. You can find many tall and skinny models are doing fashion shows wearing gorgeous sarees and all of them are designed by the renowned fashion designers. Wearing a saree is a difficult option in most conditions, especially for someone who is new to this. There are all sorts of sarees available, but if any one choose a perfect saree according to their body shape, then she can easily steal the show. Choosing a right material of saree and drape it well is an important task. These useful tips will help you to choose the perfect saree according your body shape.

For Tall & Slim Women:

If you are tall and slim like Anushkha Sharma, Deepika Padukone, then large prints, broad and heavy borders will suit you. Large prints will complement your height and heavy borders will give you a trendy look. Designer net sarees with a lace work blouse is the perfect dress for taller women. Cotton, chiffon, pure silk fabrics also ideal for them.

For Petite Women:

Everyone knows that the height can't get increased overnight, but there are few simple tactics that will help you to look taller than your real height. Short height ladies should opt for a short border, or no border sarees with small prints. It is advisable not to wear heavy sarees like Kanjivaram, Banarasi etc. Chiffon, Georgette sarees are recommended for short women.

Sarees for voluptuous women:

For voluptuous or over-weight women, cotton and other rigid fabrics are not at all recommended. Try to wear chiffon and silk sarees because they will give you a balanced shape and hide your curvaceous body parts. Handloom sarees are also a good option for over weight ladies. Easily manageable handloom saree and full sleeve or long sleeve blouse will give you a whole new look all together.

Sarees For Skinny Women:

Carrying a saree for skinny women are as difficult as voluptuous women, though if you know what kind of saree will suit you and how to drape it properly, then you can easily flatter a classy look. Skinny women shouldn't wear cling fabrics as they look best in silks, tissue and cotton sarees because these sarees help you to show your curves. Broad and wider borders generally don't go with thin figures. Drape the saree little bit lower so that your waist can hold the saree loosely and this will give you a sensual look. If possible, wear a “Kamarband” which will draw people's attention.

Sarees For Apple Shaped Womens:

If you have wide and heavy upper body with slender legs and arms, then you have an apple-shaped body. To match up with your body type you should choose right sarees and draping style. Having an apple shaped body is really a luck because you can wear any type of sarees without any hesitation. You can choose sarees made from fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette etc. Good thing is that, You can wear heavily embroidered or wide bordered saree with long sleeve that will make you look gorgeous.
Saree is an immaculate female clothing that highlights the look of a lady. It generally includes perfection, sensuality and royalty in a woman's identity. The prints and designs of a saree also determine which apparel and accessories will suit you. How you look in a saree also depends on many factors like fabrics, weaving method, patterns etc. Hope these tips help you to choose right saree for you according to your body shape.