Bhai Dooj is one of the important and innovative festivals in Hindu Religion. In Bengal this festival known as Bhai Fota. It has its own social and cultural importance. It is the festival that is celebrated to give the love and lifelong commitment of protection between the brothers and sisters. Bhai Dooj is celebrated in almost all parts of India, especially in North & Eastern India. The only difference is that the festival is known as various names in different parts of India and in some places the customs and the type of the ceremony also differ. On this special day, sisters apply tikka or tilak on their brothers' forehead and pray for their long-life, well-being, and better future. On the return, brothers give a gift to their sisters and bless them.

Festive Saree

As it is mostly a family occasion, you don't have to go all out and overindulge in outfits, jewelry, and heavy makeup but strike a perfect balance between fashion and festive. Before you spend on glamorous outfits, you need to ensure that it is not too heavy to carry as Bhaj Dooj is a family occasion and you may have a lot of chores to do before the ceremony. In that case, our advice would be to keep it simple with an Elegant saree as Saree is the most timeless style of clothing in India.

Traditional Saree

From Traditional silk to Katan silk, from Printed chiffon to Tant saree, there is a lot of variety to choose from and get ready to make heads turn with your sartorial choices. You can also indulge yourself with a stunning Kanchipuram silk saree or a Banarasi silk saree. They are traditional, magnificent without being over-the-top and they’re one ethnic ensemble that never goes out of style, making them the best choice for a festive outfit. Wear it in a conventional way or give it a contemporary twist to make your outfit more luxurious. With a variety of sarees, Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has a lot to showcase the exquisite collection of traditional and designer sarees. So, Dress the part of a doting Indian sister with our lovely collections and make this Bhai Dooj remarkable.