In India sarees are the most traditional attires and a woman would love to wear it for all occasions. In your cupboard, I am sure you would like to have all types of sarees including a wide variety of printed sarees.

Now printed sarees have a variety of print like block print, floral print, geometrical print, temple print or animal prints irrespective of the type of fabric on which printing is done. You will go ahead with your search for the finest collection of printed sarees having numerous colors, material and print for party wear as well as a day to day house or office wear.

Right from abstract prints in pastel sheds to geometric patterns you can experiment with thousands of designs and colors when you want to buy sarees for your cupboard.

Digital printed sarees have opened a new dimension for today's women when they go for a selection of printed sarees. You can buy printed sarees of various colors and combinations if you decide to buy digital printed sarees. Batik print sarees are very famous amongst West Bengal printed sarees which will definitely draw your attention at the time of purchasing. This comes under cottage industry sector which helps the government to earn money. Batik is done on both silk and cotton sarees. Then there are tasar and silk from different places of West Bengal which are available in all large showrooms and boutiques having magnificent colors and prints on it. This will be another good idea to pick up these sarees to enhance the level of your cupboard.

Kalamkari is a very artistic work on hand printed cotton saree which originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Kalam means a pen and Kari means work. The artwork on kalamkari saree is done by pen and this is a bit expensive type. If you buy a kalamkari for your collection you are actually continuing with an artistic tradition of India which is three thousand years old.

Bandhni sarees very deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of Rajasthan and Gujrat. They are of very vibrant color holding mostly geometrical designs all over the saree. While selecting sarees for your use you can always pick up some of the bandhani sarees which will brighten up your saree cupboard.

Printed Kota saree is another type of printed saree which is very lightweight at the same time easy to drape.these are of variety of colors and designs. There is a place in Rajasthan named Kota and printed Kota saree originates from there. Mostly it is of floral design with pretty colors. If you keep some printed Kota sarees with you it will really serve your purpose when you are not in a mood to wear heavier sarees.

Now the discussion is on Madhubani printed silk sarees. Madhubani art comes from Mithila (Bihar) which is the birthplace of Sita. Most of the times Madhubani print speaks of some stories of Ramayana. When you wear this saree you look really very ethnic as well as stylish for all occasions.So you please add a Madhubani print saree to your closet which will uphold the perfect elegance of your artistic self.