Cotton silk saree- A Great Choice for Summer Wear

With the mercury rising up this season, Indian women are constantly on the summer quest for the right outfits that keeps them cooler and landing up at an amazing variety of cotton silk sarees. Cotton is no doubt the most versatile and comfortable fabric among all. Cotton silk sarees, on the other hand, gives you the best of both worlds. The luster of silk along with the breathing space of pure cotton makes them ideal for both formal gatherings as well as for social events. Nothing can over-ride the ease and comfortability when it comes to wearing cotton sarees and it has become so mainstream with Bollywood celebrities wearing cotton sarees to events often as a part of #IWearHandloom. So relax this season for we will give you some updates on trendy and fashionable saree designs that can really take you out of your seasonal worries.

Printed Sarees: From authentic kalamkari printed cotton silk sarees to tie-dyed sarees, cotton sarees have multiple variants of prints allowing it to be versatile for a whole day look. A plain cotton silk saree with printed pallu is on top of the trend for this season and so are the stylized abstract prints seen on the modern sarees these days. Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Vidhya Balan have sport in stylish handloom cotton silk sarees in trendy prints embracing the true essence of ethnic wear.

Plain saree with patchwork border: These are versatile sarees with a plain body having kalamkari printed or embroidered applique border. Some cotton silk sarees are seen with images of animal figures, idols and mythology giving it an ethnic appeal. The balanced look is ideal for both office wear as well as casual parties.

Colors: Pastels shades, in cotton silk saree, speak out the words of this season. Try out colors like peach, ice blue, ivory, etc and acquire the sunshine with true effect.

Handloom Silk Saree

Cotton silk designer sarees: The previously discussed sarees were pretty simple and they did not have any heavy embroidery or design. Cotton silk designer sarees are a bit heavier and dressy. They have embroidery work all over or in some parts in contrasting shades of colors. They are the heavy sarees that can be worn for various formal occasions and functions. They are available in a rainbow of vibrant colors and in a variety of designs. They are purely traditional and classy all at the same time. You can wear these fancy cotton sarees for a birthday party or a housewarming party and it will be appreciated by others. We all need sarees that are not too simple or too gorgeous. These cotton silk designer sarees hold the perfect balance between the two. These sarees are usually adorned with embroidery of animal or bird figures, floral patterns, booti work, and simple motifs.

Benarasi cotton silk sarees: A benarasi is an all-time-chosen saree and the designers have come with a variation of benarasi cotton silk saree which is fully justifying its position. If you are a benarasi saree fan and do not want to spend a lot then opt for benarasi cotton silk saree. You can find them in heavy embroidery work and also as plain simple. As benarasi sarees are a great option for wedding functions the same idea remains with benarasi cotton silk sarees. Get your heavy gold jewelry and pair them up with your favorite benarasi silk cotton saree and be ready to see a magical outcome.

South Cotton Silk Sarees: The checkered patterns have been quite a fashion world hit for a long time especially in South India. The same situation is reflected in the south cotton silk sarees. The checked designs are still very much present in south cotton silk sarees and they are further embellished with beautiful motifs and designs. They are perfect as daily office wear if the work is not very flashy but you can also try them for different occasions and functions if they are pretty heavy. They are pretty pocket-friendly and can be bought as a simple saree and also as a cotton silk designer saree.

Draping a Saree is an art and most of the Indian women know how to do it. The trick of draping remains in the fact that what fabric is the saree weaved from. Some sarees are easy to drape while some are a big hassle. Silk Sarees if not properly draped do not look nice and make one look a bit bulky. A Cotton Saree, on the other hand, gets draped easily without much hassle.

Cotton Silk Saree

Silk sarees are mostly preferred option when we talk about occasional wear or sarees for wedding purpose. When comfort is in question then women go for cotton sarees. The cotton sarees are airy, light, soft and very comfortable. But nowadays sarees are crafted in mixed fabrics that to some extent ease the draping process. For example, cotton silk sarees which have the best of both silk and cotton. Both of these fabrics have their own set of followers and lovers, but it's never a bad choice to try the cotton silk sarees. They are now available everywhere and can be easily bought.

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All the women who love to be Indian but enjoy the contemporary twist should go for cotton silk sarees. These sarees are available in a wide range, colors, and patterns. They are easy to drape because of the cotton fabric in them and can be worn for whole day long. You can always visit the Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal’s website and check the collection of cotton silk sarees with price.