If you analyze the title of this topic you will find two different parts of it. One is designer saree and the other is evening party wear.

Let us first talk about what does designer saree mean. Designer sarees are a great global event which may be identified as a style revolution in the world of women's attire in our country. Designer saree is an ethnic concept which is revolving not only within India but also worldwide. Designer saree may be viewed as perfect combination of trend and tradition. In other words, it may be quoted this way that it is a marriage event between trend and tradition displayed in designer saree. It got popularized by designers, boutiques and celebrities. Wearer looks for certain things in a designer saree, that is comfortable fabric, lovely color and exclusive patterns, prints or embroidery. Ladies choose to elevate their ethnic style and status when they present themselves in parties.

Chiffon Sarees

Different types of designer sarees are there in big showrooms and boutique which may be chosen by the ladies for wearing in different occasions. There are gorgeous georgette sarees which will look very good in evening parties. Charming chiffons sarees are also there which goes no less for evening parties. Jacquard silk sarees are fabulous when it is designed by an expert designer. There are many other designer sarees that will really catch your eyes when you are looking for an exclusive one in a showroom or in a boutique.

Evening parties are of two types - official and non-official. Now for office parties designer sarees of georgette, chiffon, Bangalore silk, the polycot fabric look nice and elegant. Designer saree having the work of sequin or zari also looks good in office parties.

Silk Sarees

For traditional evening parties, a different type of designer saree will draw everybody's attention. Pattola, Banarasi silk, Bundhuni, kosha silk, Bhagalpuri tussar will go very well if worn in evening parties like a wedding, reception, marriage anniversaries and so on.

Designer sarees occupy a huge space in Indian saree world which has drawn the attention of the global market. There are a lot of investors who are ready to invest a good amount for the trade of designer saree. If our government goes ahead with them hand in hand, Indian designer saree will capture the global market within a short period of time.

There are certain things in life which should not be compared with anything. Designer sarees as party wear is of that category. It is such a lovely blend of trends and traditions that it can never be compared with any other dress or outfit. As it is a lady looks most elegant when she wears saree. In parties when she drapes a designer saree she becomes the center of attention like a Christmas tree at a Christmas party. This tradition is rooted so deeply into Indian culture that it will go ahead with its own rhythm for thousand years or more in the history of Indian attire.