In Hinduism, Mother Durga portrays the incarnation of Power and the divine feminine force that rules all cosmic creation, existence, and transformation. Durga puja is celebrated every year with great joy in the month of September or October in West Bengal. The other name of the festival is Navratri. Durga Puja extends about 3 to 4 days which brings the smile to everyone's face. We forget rivalry and embrace each other with high spirit.

Maheswari Silk

It is almost a tradition to buy new clothes and enjoy with friends and relatives. To women and girls, Durga puja means draping a saree and worshipping the Goddes Durga whole heartedly. Bengali women wear their best traditional wear mostly sarees on the auspicious day of Ashtami. As Indian women love to wear traditional and designer sarees to show their charm, shopping has become the most important thing to do before Puja. Be it a teenage girl or an aged lady everyone start their shopping at least one month before the puja. Here are some useful shopping and dressing tips for women who want to enjoy the best ritual of Bengali community, Durga puja.

Tant saree

From the very beginning, Bengali women like to worshipped Devi Durga wearing a white Saree with red borders. So for morning rituals, you can choose cotton saree with red borders. Tant Sarees are extremely light and come in bright colors which will give you a vibrant look. Tant Sarees are usually handloom sarees which are made up of fine cotton fabric. For traditional look you can also choose off white colored Maheshwari silk saree as they add a classy look.

Tussar silk saree

As Durga puja is one of the biggest traditional festivals, silk sarees are most liked by Indian women in this occasion because of their wide range of varieties and unmatched glamor. Most ladies choose traditional silk sarees like Pure silk, Kanchipuram silks, Tussar silk sarees. But those who like to experiment with new sarees they can choose Jute silk sarees which are made up of the combination of silk and jute which give a unique texture to the saree. Mysore silk is another great variety to wear in Pujas. Mysore silk sarees are manufactured in Karnataka which is famous for attractive colors, smooth texture, and minimal design.


chiffon saree

Pandal-hopping is one of the fun activity which we enjoy during Durga puja. As pandal hopping needs lots of traveling, we prefer sarees which are stylish yet easily manageable. In that case, you can choose designer chiffon sarees. Chiffon sarees have a different appeal that can draw the attention of others and the fabric is also very light weight and easily manageable. Wheather its Saptami, Ashtami or Navami you can drape this fashionably sarees to celebrate this occasion because of its color contrast and versatile looks.
Durga puja is celebrated with great joy by people worldwide and ladies love wearing those alluring sarees in Durga puja which allows us to wear traditional dresses. So enjoy this special event with lots of excitement and hope this these fashion hints will help you to buy latest dresses to look best.