Enticing Colors in bridal Saree for Ongoing Wedding Season

The traditional Indian bridal saree is red and resplendent and still happens to be the number one choice among brides in the country. However, the times are changing with every passing day and so are the trends including fashion trends of the brides.

A growing number of Indian brides are opting for a modern version of the bridal saree in colors without getting tied up within the magical spell of red. This choice of other colors on bridal saree slowly taking its entry into many of the marriage ceremonies and these choices have been pretty well accepted. So, if you are a soon going to be a bride and you do not wish to wear red on your wedding day; you do not have to worry at all because the fact remains that you have multiple other options.

Indian wedding is all about color, grandeur, and glamor. Every aspect of the occasion reflects festivity, tradition, and splendor. Be it for the bride or other women choosing the best ensemble for the event is a must. Outfits worn during weddings reflect the excitement and emotion of this event through different ornate designs and motifs. A perfect choice for attire for different functions of marriage will help you to have a proper mindset and implant memories upon you that you will treasure all through your life. It is a special day, and you can add zeal to it by choosing a saree specially woven for this occasion from a wide range of designs, colors, and fabric.

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Now, you would like to have a trendy color and don’t want a Red wedding Saree. Here are many other colors to choose from!

Red is definitely a color of passion that effectively matches the revelry and celebrations revolving around an Indian wedding, but it is not the only bright, vibrant and festive color on the spectrum.

There are multiple bright shades that make for a great wedding saree and one must also look into the fact that many brides are opting for rich vibrant colors on their wedding day or even dreamy pastel shades for a more sophisticated look.

Pink is one of the nearest shades to red color and it’s no mystery that pink bridal sarees are very much in trend in recent years. The color pink is feminine yet floral, celebratory yet not too loud; it is no wonder that brides are opting for pink bridal sarees in growing numbers. These sarees are often heavily embellished and are of luxurious fabrics.

The color yellow is yet another excellent option when considering bridal sarees in colors apart from red. Yellow has an exclusive festive and celebratory vibe that is difficult to deny and bright yellow can be just as effective as vibrant red; when a bride needs to be specially recognized in the crowd of wedding guests and family.

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If you wish to look the part of the traditional Indian bride without the red saree; substituting red with maroon can be an excellent idea. While red is vibrant and bright; maroon is a darker and sober shade that effectively signifies bridal opulence. Go ahead with a maroon bridal saree for a rich and luxurious bridal look. Gold embroidery on a maroon saree more often than not brings out the bridal opulence that most brides are on the lookout for.

Prussian blue is a rich color that makes for great bridal sarees. Rich lustrous Prussian blue fabric has a royal vibe that can transform any bride into a princess. The advantage of wearing a Prussian blue bridal saree is that it can be easily contrasted with a red blouse so that you do not have to completely eliminate this traditional bridal color from your wedding attire.

In ancient times, the dye used to color fabrics purple was very costly and purple clothing was limited to aristocrats and royal families. Purple remains true to its royal vibes even today and you can opt for purple bridal saree for an undeniably gorgeous bridal look. It must be noted that purple is not an uncommon wedding saree color and the brilliant purple Kanjeevaram silk saree is an excellent example of the point being made.

Designer Pashmina Banarasi

In conclusion, one must note that while red suits Indian skin colors to a large extent one may like to choose from the additional colors listed above; based one looks like. Additionally, this is a fact that none of these colors make for great bridal sarees by themselves. However, when decorated with embellishments, sequin work, and embroidery; these sarees look more appealing.

At the present time, for brides, choosing designer sarees for a wedding is a new trend. These are unique, made of georgette, chiffon, tussar, silk, and brocade. Designers combine different styles to weave a saree that stands out from the rest. Adorning sarees that are influenced by the attire worn by Bollywood actors in movies or different events is another novel trend.

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