Sarees to wear in this Poila Baishakh

Poila Baishakh is the first day of Bengali calendar which was introduced by the king Shashanka which is celebrated widely in Bengal and the places wherever the Bengalis are dominating the show by roll strength. This is also known as Nabo Barsho, that is, Bengali New Year.

Any New Year is due for a celebration and celebration is incomplete without celebration. Particularly to celebrate this occasion of Bengali New Year ladies like to wear sarees to bring a traditional as well as ethnic look in the appearance.

There are ample choice of sarees which can be worn in Poila Baishakh amongst which some will be mentioned in this write up to provide a helpline to the buyer to make an exclusive selection of sarees for this Poila Baishakh.

traditional saree

Tussar silk sarees are chosen by many ladies who would like to look ethnic in Nabo Barsho. Tussar silk saree is an unique exampled epitome of delicacy, rich textured attribute in today’s fashion world. With a blend of the finest range of threads and best weaving technique, these sarees touch every layer of silk fabric. Tussar silk sarees are extended all over the world with a spark of creativity. These are extremely durable and they display a dull golden sheen of their own. Tussar silk sarees are decorated with bold motifs and at times fine designs. Many designers are working on this saree to cater to every individual’s choice. So, no wonder that tussar silk sarees are chosen by the fashionable ladies to celebrate this Poila Baishakh.

Tussar saree

Bomkai silk saree is another ethnic one originated from Orissa and is chosen by many sophisticated ladies as a saree of celebration of Poila Baishakh this year. Bomkai sarees are for occasional wear and Poila Baishakh is a very big social as well as religious occasion for Bengalies. So it is very natural that they would opt for this saree. Colors of bomkai sarees are always very eye-catching and it gives a gracious look to the wearer.As per ancient belief fish is the sign of success and affluence. Fish motif is there in the border and pallu of most of the bomkai sarees. The appearance of this saree is very simple, elegant and it has a tribal tinge in its look. In this Nobo Barsha, elegant society ladies are going for bomkai silk sarees to have a sober and traditional look.

Bengali Saree

Linen sarees are marching victoriously into the fashion world of sarees at recent time. So most of the ladies are getting their attention diverted towards linen sarees at this Poila Baishakh. Linen fabric is extracted from the flax plant. This saree is expensive than cotton and a very good conductor of heat. Since Nobo Barsha is at summer season, linen sarees have become the signature attire for ladies to celebrate this Bengali New Year. It is very much breathable and durable type. For Nobo Barsha linen saree will really bring a cooling effect for its draper.

In hot and humid climate of most of the states of India taant cotton saree is considered as most user-friendly sarees for all seasons in a year. Especially at the time of Bengali Nobo Barsha ladies are in one opinion to buy cotton taant sarees to celebrate the event. Weaving of this saree is an age-old crafting of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The typical taant cotton saree is featured by a thick border and a decorative pallu woven using variety of motifs. These sarees are of lovely colors suiting all age and complexion. Since the first day of Bengali calendar year is basically celebrated by the Bengalis, Taant cotton sarees match very well with the concept of Nobo Barsha celebration.

There are many other sarees which ladies would love to wear on the auspicious day of Poila Baishakh, but the space is too limited to talk about everything. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has come out with variety of sarees for Nobo Barsha and waiting to welcome customers to their showroom. To have a good start from the very first day of Bengali New Year visit them and buy sarees for yourself and your loved ones to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Poila Baishakh.