Gifting silk sarees as at Bengali marriage, Marathi Vivah, and Gujarati marriage and other occasions is a very auspicious tradition in India. A silk saree graces every occasion bright. Silk represents essence of purity and the rich tradition of India. Silk fabric is an organic fiber produced by a silkworm spinning around its cocoon. After producing threads, it's dyed, warped, and finally woven to produce silk fabric. When dyed, this premium and smooth cloth express the royalty to the person wearing it. The silk sarees are exported all over the world and loved for its legibility, rich feel, vibrant colors, comfort and an everlasting shine. Silk sarees are exquisite, sophisticated and fit for any occasion. There are many varieties of silk produced in India. Every state has different types of silk that are different in contrast to designs and patterns.

Kanjivaram silk saree

Also known as Kanchipuram sarees, it is the one of the costliest silk saree in the world because of its double warp and rich artwork. It has golden zari work weaved by dipping the silk thread in liquid gold and silver which heighten the beauty and value of the saree. This beautiful south Indian saree has colored threads throughout its borders woven in a tribal style that is typical of this style.

Paithani Silk Saree

Paithani saree is another expensive saree made up of silk and intricate metallic patterns. Weavers use natural colors that are derived from organic sources like flowers, leaves and soil. The body of this saree covered with different motifs of Jain temples, peacock, lotus flowers and other designs taken from the history of India.

Banarasi Silk Saree

The holy city of Banaras is the place where Banarasi Saree first made. Banarasi brocade, is also very popular and expensive. It has elaborate brocaded designs, crafting with sparkling zari, woven on a very detailed manner. It has a special Persian style design, which includes gold thread work. The border looks thick in width, as compared to its counterparts but heavy and delicate. It takes three to six months for highly-skilled weavers to make a single banarasi saree.

Ikkat Silk Saree

This is a popular saree of Orissa. It has a metallic look and heavy appearance with delightful dyed yarn designs. Heavy thread work and geometrical pattern of these saree is the main factor of these sarees.

Khadi Silk Saree

Khadi or Khaddar silk saree is a handmade clothing material made in India and Pakistan. Cotton, silk or wool are the main raw materials that are needed to make khadi fabric. Khadi fabric so comfortable that you can wear it in summer, warm in winter. Khadi silk saree is widely accepted in all fashions.