No outfit can give immense pleasure to a woman more than a saree. Saree is the most appealing among all traditional Indian women's attire. Sarees have continued to charm and fascinating women and fashion enthusiasts for years. Of all the different styles of Sarees that have evolved in recent times, Lehenga Saree has undoubtedly made its mark in Indian Fashion. With these latest lehenga style sarees, one would be amazed how easy draping a saree can prove to be with this fashionable attire. Though this lehenga style saree is similar to the traditional or ordinary saree it combines the real appeal of a saree with the brilliance of Lehanga and thus it is a perfect outfit for women who want a traditional as well as a modern look. Because of the ease and convenience of tying lehenga saree has become the hottest trend in women's fashion.

Suitable occasions from lehenga saree

Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga saree draping style is a kind of method that provides a modern touch to your traditional saree. It is best suitable for special occasions like a big fat wedding, evening parties, receptions, and other special occasions. India is always famous for its festivals and Eid, Navaratri festivals are very specials among them. In this festivals, it is always better to deviate from the usual traditional way of wearing saree and instead opt for a unique Lehenga style Saree that catch everyone's attention.

Tips to Wear a saree like a lehenga

Lehenga Sarees Design

Lets begin how to wear a simple saree in lehenga style. At first, choose a saree of your choice and get a matching blouse and petticoat to create a complete look. For better result use a chiffon saree or a georgette saree. Keep some safety pins and brooches nearby you. Use a crop-top blouse or designer blouse as per your hairstyle. Now wrap saree on the petticoat by starting with the basic tuck on right to wrap once around. Make sure the petticoat should is in a light color. It should be tied tightly to hold the sari weight. Also, you want to walk and carry yourself comfortably. Now from the right side start making small pleats of 2 inches faced on left side and tuck in the waistline. Keep making pleats along the length and tucking forward each time you pleat. Start making small pleats along your waist. The smaller the pleats the more accurate your lehenga saree will look. With several pleats tucked in around the waist the saree creates a lehenga-like effect making you look more alluring and trendy. Do this until you reach the pallu and fold it and tuck inwards and tuck in the right side. This completes the whole draping and makes a Lehenga out of a simple saree. You can use a matching Dupatta to style your lehenga like a Lehenga Choli. Here the dupatta or chunni works as a pallu which you can pleat or leave it. Make sure the length of the dupatta is sufficiently long to give you princess like a look and a pair of heels surely enhance your looks with this saree.

Saree is the most unique one when it comes to the versatility of draping styles. Lehenga style saree is very traditional in essence but high on the style meter as well. Generally, this type of saree exhibits a pallu in contrast color making the saree look impressive and eye-catching. A draping twist to your conventional saree can give you a glamorous lehenga style saree that will make you look phenomenal.