Half Half Sarees - A Perfect Blend of Heritage and Elegance

Half Half Sarees are very popular these days and are a part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. These are very classy and at the same time give a new, fresh perspective to your personality. However, with the immense options available in the fashion world, it becomes a little difficult to choose the right Half & Half Saree as this is a new concept and you might not be sure of how it would suit your body type and complexion. To make things simple, this write-up brings simple tips that you can follow and have the best ones for different occasions and for your wardrobe also.


The first and the most important factor would be the occasion you need one for. For example, if you are going to a wedding, go for traditional, eye-catching colors like pink, peacock, red and blue. In case of traditional day in office, the design can be toned down and kept simple and ethnic with colors like grey, brown and black. These types of sarees are available in almost every contrast and color scheme you can imagine and also the patterns would be different accordingly. Your selection must match with your occasion.

Half Net Half Chiffon Saree

Would you Show off?

There are some Half Half Sarees that are capable of covering you from top to bottom and others that reveal more than they should be hiding. So, before buying a saree, check it twice and get measurements, so that you would get an approximate idea. For instance, if you have a heavy body, go for longer Sarees and for others a medium size would do.


Whenever you are buying Half & Half Sarees, especially if it is done online, make sure you compare the design and variety at least in 5 other websites. If you are buying from a showroom, then please visit at least five other places, compare the material, the price, the style and only then take a final decision. Else, you might end up regretting your decision if you find someone else in a better saree than you which they got for a lesser price.


You would not want the saree to be flying all of over the place and at the same time you would not appreciate one that hugs your body showing off more than you intended losing your dignity. Hence, choose the right material as per your expectation. It is also observed that chiffon makes people look slimmer and starched cotton fatter. Hence, go for a material that suits your body type. It may or not be the same one as the model is wearing in the fashion magazine, but understand that she is a model and you are not.

Half Velvet Half Net Saree

The Half and Half saree is a twist of fashion to the regular saree. It is sexy and glamorous, yet aesthetic and traditional. With two different colors on the top and the bottom, it is vibrant, cheerful and upgrades your whole look. With the subsequent progress of e-commerce, you don't have to go and hustle in the market to find the perfect half saree. You can now order it at the tip of your fingers, sitting within your comfort zone. Check out the fabulous half saree collection that Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has and make a selection according to your occasion, preference, and budget. The present age is the age of blending and fusion. Half and Half saree is a perfect blend of heritage and elegance. It is trendy yet traditional and caters the choice of the present generation as well as elderly ladies.