1. Celebrate this Independence Day with the Best of AMMK's Sarees

    As the nation gets ready to celebrate its independence, it's time for you to embrace the true spirit of India with an ensemble that beautifully encapsulates its rich cultural heritage. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, lovingly known as AMMK, presents a collection of sarees that is nothing short of a masterpiece. This Independence Day, adorn yourself with the finest sarees from AMMK to truly embody the essence of India's diversity and beauty.

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  2. The History of Sarees in India

    The History of Sarees in India

    Saree is the symbolic gesture of feminity in India. Though many other South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mayanmar, etc. have a fascination over saree, but still Indian always tops the list of all saree wearing nations.

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  3. Brief History of Silk Sarees

    Brief History of Silk Sarees

    The Indian vibe of ethnic fashion is incomplete without silk sarees. Other regional name of silk in eastern and northern India is Resham and Southern India is Pattu. Different types and designs of silk sarees are made everyday by many brands to fulfill a lady's desire of presenting herself...

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