How to Accessorize a Cotton Saree at Work

Summer is on the verge again. It is time again to bring out the light cotton material sarees so that one can have a comfortable time while out. Nothing can be as comfortable as cotton during such humid weather of summer. However, often many complain that it cannot make a gorgeous style statement. This is completely a wrong idea and if draped properly, it can look like a million bucks. When you think of wearing a designer cotton sarees for a wedding you need to think about the accessories as well.

Dokra, Bronze, and Silver

Cotton sarees cannot be worn with kundan or gold sets as they are too gorgeous than the saree itself. The right accessories should be something that can complete and complement the total packaging. Now, most of the time people get confused with what they should use. The best thing that you can sport is a dokra set or a bronze set with it. Nothing can be teamed up with the cotton material like them. Dokra sets are underrated jewelry pieces that can add a spark of ethnic beauty. Silver can be paired as well with it. One just needs to be careful enough for the colors that they are going to display.


It plays an important role when you are wearing a cotton saree in the office. These days different type of blouse is available in the showrooms which can really upgrade the look of your saree as you wear it on your regular office day. Designer blouse is also there for you to set with your saree to enhance the show of your whole attire.


Ditch the stilettos and the high heels for this cotton drapes. Flat, kohlapurichappals and jute chappals can be the best footwear for you. They are ethnic, classy and perfect match with the Indian dress. If you are confident enough to pull off the edgy ethnic look kohlapurijooti can be a suitable alternative. Shantiniketani chappal also goes very well with cotton sarees.


Bags are an important part of women ensemble. It is the thing that carries the whole world for them. But what bag one should choose with an ethnic cotton saree? Leather tote bags are too formal to team up with it. The best thing that you can sport is vibrant, colorful jholas with the outfit. Shantiniketani leather clutch bag can be a very elegant option for you when you are dressing up in a cotton saree.


Makeup is something which escalates your personality, irrespective of age. Compact, foundation, eye make-up, lipstick, etc will give you such a make-over that you would become a new person altogether. Hairstyle also comes within your make-over that contributes a lot to your newly evolved personality after getting your make-over done.


Saree draping is completely incomplete without a pair of stunning earrings for women. Earrings have become an important part of a woman’s wardrobe and it goes well with any kind of cotton saree as well as traditional silk saree. 5 types of earrings that will go perfectly with your Saree are Chandbali Earrings, Jhumkas, Latkans, Chandelier Earrings. Other than these options there are several handmade silver earrings to match with your Saree.



Bindi is a must wear with a cotton saree. A black or red bindi is a perfect thing to sport on the dainty forehead. A small or medium-sized bindi is the perfect accessory that can easily light up the face. Some ladies look very vibrant with big round bindi. If it is not a very bright saree shimmering bindi will brighten up the whole look of the saree.



Payel adds on glamour for a lady. These days it is worn only on the left feet of a lady. But if it is worn at working place, it should be with silent bells to avoid making noise in the office.

Toe Ring

Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi once commented that the sexiest thing that a woman can flaunt with is a toe ring. Toe rings can be the best and most minimal thing to spot. Yet it can make a stunning style statement. Silver is the most preferred material for such a toe ring.

Glam up your look with these accessories and show the world your stunning look. Take the helpline given here and accessorize your cotton saree with it and you will be the center of attraction in your office in this scorching heat of summer.