How to choose the Right Kind of Saree for Every Occasion?

Sarees are the most popular choice of outfit among the Indian women and not just in India, many women across the world recognizes this particular form of Indian ethnic wear as an exquisite and brilliant choice of outfit. Even though sarees are one of the oldest forms of woman dressing, wearing a saree can never go out of trend. The way a saree adorns the female body and curves, it is incomparable with any other garments, even the Western ones. A saree gives its wearer, a simple yet sophisticated and elegant look. Famous personalities and big screen celebrities, from Indian to International, have often been spotted donning beautiful sarees, be it on-screen or off. These instances show just how much demand sarees hold in the world of fashion. However, choosing a particular saree for an event or occasion is not an easy task. There are numerous types of sarees available in the market today so choosing any one saree for an occasion becomes difficult. In this blog, we will discuss some occasions and the sarees best suited for them. We hope that this helps you to choose the right sarees every time when you are getting ready for an occasion.

Daily Wear Sarees

If you are a working woman, going to the office daily, attending corporate meetings and all, you need a saree that is soft and lightweight so that you can stay comfortable throughout the day. Cotton sarees are best suited for these purposes. You can also go for linen cotton sarees. These sarees are made from fabrics obtained from plants so they are very soft and comfortable, perfect for daily use.

Daily wear Saree

Party Wear Sarees

We all know about silk sarees. They are the most popular sarees all over the world. Though silk sarees are a traditional outfit, in the modern times many women prefer wearing these sarees to parties and events. With the availability of designer sarees in market, the fashion statement of Indian women has changed a lot. Now, it is not absolutely necessary for you to wear a western outfit while attending parties. Designer sarees are stylish and sleek, giving the wearer a very fashionable look. You can easily go with a designer silk saree while attending parties.

Wedding/Bridal Wear Sarees

Weddings are a grand affair. It is one of the most important days of a person’s life. Whether you are a bride yourself or attending a wedding of next of kin, your choice of outfit should be accordingly. Benarasi sarees from the city of Benaras or Kanjivaram sarees from the city of Kanchipuram, are the perfect choices for attending weddings. These sarees are extremely beautiful, with hand woven intricate embroideries. Both type of sarees features ‘zari’ works made from real gold or silver dipped threads, giving the wearer a royal look.

Bridal Saree

Festive Wear Sarees

India is the land of festivities. There are numerous occasions like Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, etc, throughout the year that the people of India celebrates wholeheartedly and it is quite normal to wear brand new clothes on these occasions. Silk sarees like Mysore silk sarees or Chanderi silk sarees are perfect for festivals. You can go for Bengal’s ‘Tant’ cotton sarees. You can also opt for a simple Kanjivaram or Banarasi silk saree. These sarees are beautiful and goes perfectly well with festivals and pujas.

Festive Saree

Friends/Family Outings

For simple occasions like house parties, plans with friends or family, birthdays, etc, you can go with Chiffon or Georgette sarees. There are also Net sarees available which you can opt for. These sarees feature a very modern and fancy look. They are also very lightweight and comfortable, perfect for simple outings.