How to Dress Up for Bou Bhaat Ceremony with A Banarasi Saree

Banarasi saree and bong brides are synonymous to each other. Be it the grand wedding evening, or the breezy morning of the Haldi ceremony, or the glitz and glam of the reception, a Bengali bride can hardly imagine her wedding without this mandatory outfit. However, the moments of “Bou Bhaat ceremony” add a dash of sublimity to the whole grandeur of a Bengali wedding. While a wedding Banarasi saree accommodates elaborate Zari works, heavy pallu, dark shades, and a lot of drama, a relatively subtle approach turns out appropriate during Bou Bhaat. Here we’ll focus on a graceful Banarasi saree look that can match perfectly with the elegance of the daytime event of Bou Bhaat as well as can easily transform into a grand reception light look. Watch out.

The Bou Bhaat Ceremony of A Bengali Wedding

Before going into the details of styling, let’s have a look at the much discussed Bou Bhaat event of a Bengali wedding ceremony. The term ‘Bou’ suggests the bride and ‘Bhaat’ refers to the rice meal. So, in traditional Bengali rituals, the bride gets offered her first ever meal by her husband on the next day of her arrival into her in-law’s house. On the same evening, the groom’s family celebrates the grand arrival of their daughter-in-law, and the whole event gets its name as Bou Bhaat or the reception. In terms of dressing up, a traditional Bengali bride walks her way to the reception all decked up in a Banarasi saree gifted by her in-laws. That’s how the groom’s family welcomes their daughter-in-law.

How to Dress Up for Bou Bhaat

Bou Bhaat or the reception evening calls for some creativity when it comes to dressing up. Unlike the ritualistic wedding evening for a Bengali bride where a bright red Banarasi saree speaks the last word, Bou Bhaat event demands fashion and trend.

Pick the Right Banarasi Saree

Amid the many different types and categories, choosing the right Banarasi saree for the reception look is a tricky task for sure. A traditional Bou Bhaat evening look demands a Banarasi saree that has a lot of glitters and shine. Golden Zari works, elaborate designs, heavy pallu, these are some prerequisites for a Bou Bhaat appropriate Banarasi saree. In case of color, the popular combinations are green and maroon, peacock blue and bright pink, or red and golden. One must pick the bridal Banarasi saree for Bou Bhaat ceremony based on the body structure and complexion of the bride. However, today’s brides prefer her look on Bou Bhaat be subtle and graceful. Hence, a white and golden combination could match her elegance for sure.

Choose the Appropriate Jewelry

Choosing the appropriate jewelry for the bridal Banarasi saree for Bou Bhaat look can turn out even more challenging. Nothing can beat the absolute elegance of the traditional gold jewelries. Apart from shiny gold bridal chockers and necklaces, a traditional ‘Sita Haar’ or a ‘Sath Noli Haar’ will add that authentic Bengali touch to the whole look. A pair of Kaan Bala, the gold Jhumkas, Kaan Pasha, are some eternal pieces that would make a Bengali bride what she stands for. To add to the perfection, a Bengali bride must wear a Maang Teeka or ‘Tikli’, a Nath or ‘Nolok’, and some gold bangles. However, today’s brides even prefer reception appropriate costume jewelries to match with the Banarasi saree on their Bou Bhaat.

Match the Makeup and Hair

For a bride on her Bou Bhaat ceremony, everything must be picture perfect, including the hair and the makeup. A beautiful saree with a bland makeup can break the look instantly. For a Bou Bhaat look, the makeup should be dewy and glowing. A natural base with subtle contouring, and highlighting should be appropriate. A Bengali bride can never go wrong with dark coaled eyes, red lips, and a bindi. However, there is a trick. If the saree is too gorgeous then the makeup should be less to balance it out.

Final Thoughts

Dressing up for Bou Bhaat ceremony for a Bengali bride is like a chorus song where every tone and tune should be in sync and properly harmonized. A bridal Banarasi saree is perhaps the most important factor to make her look her best on her most special day.