Traditional costume of Bengal is very simple and elegant which displays the rich tradition and culture of the region. Bengali women love to wear sarees for all occasions. There are varieties of designs and colors in sarees of West Bengal. The fabric used for weaving sarees are both of cotton and silk yarn. There is a proverb in English which says," you must dress to the occasion". Following that, the selection of sarees depends on the type of occasion for which it is worn. Occasions are again of many types like religious, social, official and daily wear.

In the state of West Bengal the most celebrated religious occasion in Durga puja which involves five days. Ladies in Bengal would like to dress up in different types of sarees on different days of Durga Puja. Ashthami and Dashmi are the most important days of Durga Puja. Ladies like to wear Bengal Handloom sarees or Dhakai Jamdani on those days. Now, these are so many types of costume jewelry available in showrooms that one cannot help paying attention to these jeweleries. Costume jewelry of wood and terracotta goes very well with Bengal Taant sarees which ladies normally wear in the day time of Durga Puja. In the evening ladies wear silk sarees like Tassar, Baluchari, Banarasi etc along with matching designer blouse and ornaments. With fantastic illuminations of Durga puja ladies really look very gorgeous in silk sarees and jewelry in front of the idol of Durga Devi at the pandal. On Dashmi day there is a festive amongst married women which is named as 'Sindoor Khela'. For this occasion, all married women wear traditional white saree with a red border as we have seen in 'Kahaani' film.

Opara Silk

Bengali wedding involves three to four days during which all ladies wear different types of silk sarees like Banarasi, Opara, Baluchari, Swarnachari, Karhial, Jamdani etc. Women would like to dress up in gorgeous sarees and gold jewelry when a traditional wedding takes place in the family. At times it becomes difficult to identify the bride amongst all these fabulously dressed up lady crowd. One identification mark for the bride is the Fire Red Banarasi saree. Bengali bride wears a red Banarasi saree and gold ornaments which gives her a special identity for the respective occasion which she is going to remembers for her lifetime.

Besides all these social religious occasions there are office parties for which ladies drape chiffon, georgette silk handloom sarees matching with a designer blouse and suitable costume jewelry

. Tant Saree

In day to day life, for office going purpose, everybody looks elegant in Bengal taant and Bengal handloom sarees which are of everybody's choice. Now with the change of time a lot of changes have been occurring in the lifestyle of Bengali people. Media and celebraties are influencing the lifestyle of common women in society. The attires, ornaments and other styles are changing slowly to meet the demand of changing time. The aesthetic idea of the artists is getting widely projected on the style of ornaments and sarees. Women are wearing these and thus influencing the culture and tradition of herespective place. This is how the trend and tradition are combined together when a woman is dressing up in a traditional Bengali way.