How to Recognize A Pure Chanderi Silk Saree

Indian outfits have a variety of modes and shades. And if you look beyond the mainstream traditional saree outfits, you’ll land on a canvas with a plethora of colours, fabrics, and patterns. Chanderi silk saree is one prominent addition in Indian women’s wardrobe ever since it has emerged in the fashion fraternity. Be it a conventional drape or an Indo-Western fusion outfit, Chanderi silk sarees are designers’ favourite pick and extremely high on demand.

Silk and cotton Zari material woven on the cotton yarns and booties are the signature style you’ll find in an authentic Chanderi silk saree. However, due to excessive demand, high price, and endless options available in the market, it often turns tricky to recognize an authentic Chanderi silk saree. In this article, we’ll decode how to recognize a pure Chanderi silk saree easily.

Recognize Handwoven Booties

Booties and traditional designs are common in most of the saree fabrics. But the booties in a Chanderi silk saree is perhaps the most prominent defining factor. Where does it differ from the rest? Well, these booties are uniquely designed and predominantly handwoven with different types of needles. Not only booties, these sarees feature prominent pattern works and traditional motifs like goddesses, swans, temples, etc., generally handwoven with silk and cotton Zari.

Another specialty these sarees have is the use you gold, copper, and silver dusts on these booties and patterns all over the fabric. So, the next time when you look for Chanderi silk sarees in retail stores make sure to check the booties whether they are handwoven or not.

Check the Shine and Sheer

Everyone would be unanimous about the sheen and sheer appearance of an authentic Chanderi silk saree. The secret to the sheer is the use of fine quality of golden or silver silk Zari on the handloom cotton yarns. Here the yarn remains intact with its glue and therefore it brings out the shine and glowy appearance. Earlier these silk sarees used to have dominated in bright pastel shades.

But these days, a Chanderi silk saree can come in any shade, from black, to red, to bright orange, to navy blue. However, you can identify an authentic Chanderi silk saree from its shine and shimmery appearance which is completely different from the rest.

Feel the Authentic Texture

Texture is the most crucial checkpoint to prove the authentication of any fabric. The trick works equally well for identifying a pure Chanderi silk saree. Well, we all know that the texture comes from the fabric and fabric is the backbone of a saree. The texture of a pure Chanderi silk saree must be a bit on the rough side as you touch it. The reason for such texture is the use of raw cotton yarn in the looms handwoven with Zari threads.

Unlike other silk sarees, Chanderi deserves a more careful washing technique, therefore. The shimmery transparent appearance is also the result of such uneven texture. If you are looking for an authentic Chanderi silk saree, then you must look for the right texture.


To conclude, we can assure that if you consider these above-mentioned checkpoints the next time you look for a Chanderi silk saree, you’ll surely pick the pure one.