How to style your Silk Saree to get a slim fit look

You love to wear the silk saree and are on the healthy side of an average build. But you hesitate to wear it more often because you feel you appear bulkier than you actually do? Just get rid of this depressing idea and step into the fashion world of today.

Keeping aside the lucky ones who do not put on weight even when they try, the slim-figure models surviving on love- and- fresh- air types or those blessed with genes that keep them that way, the average Indian women are mostly on a bit heavier side.

When this feeling of ‘looking bulky in a saree’ seemed to bother a lot of women, fashion designers have come up with some unique ideas.

The base garment of a silk saree is a petticoat. When the base garment is fitting well, the drape over it automatically gets set in its outward flare. This reduces the appearance of bulkiness and projects a much controlled ‘look’. This is precisely what the fashion designers aimed at when ‘the look’ became a real matter of concern.

Handloom Silk Saree

The petticoats are of three styles’ A-line or normal petticoat – that is alright for most saree drapes because it is tight at the waist, gradually getting loose as it tapers down and loosens closer to the ankles. The mermaid or fish-cut petticoat is for a healthy person. The A-line petticoat gets a little awkward when wearing thin fabric silk sarees which reveal the bulky parts from waist to below ankles. For this, the mermaid or fish cut petticoat has been designed that clings to the body all along its length. The A-line with cancans or the layered petticoat is the last helps in the orderly appearance of the silk saree worn like a lehenga, especially the rich Kanchipuram silk sarees that need flare at the bottom line. A layer of the stiff net is attached in layers where the portion near the waist is nicely fitted, the next layer slightly looser and flaring, the next further looser.

The petticoat fabric plays its part also. Cotton is the one that is very much sweat absorbent and keeps the body cool. It is best suitable for all types of silk sarees, the smooth tussar silk sarees and the heavy silk types like the Banarasi, Kanjeevaram, etc. The crepe fabric petticoats are used for sarees that are worn in parties. Satin petticoats are also used by sophisticated ladies in the society in order to maintain the look of their silk sarees intact. The choice of the petticoat is based upon the like and taste of the female that she thinks is best for her in fit and comfort.

The big or loud draw attention everywhere. When a feature of the saree like the pattern or a motif is prominent it draws the eyes of the onlookers. But the more the concentration on the feature, the more the chances of calling to judge everything around it closer. So patterns must not be loud or checkered, paisleys should be small, motifs like large flowers are to be avoided, horizontal stripes are not at all recommended. Small florals or geometric patterns thin zari linings are what make you look elegant as well as ethnic.

Designer Khaddi Silk Saree

If you are wearing saree then peplum top blouse looks stylish with waistline clearly defined. If you are fat with properly toned hands, you can go for a sleeveless blouse or full-sleeved blouse of net fabric with small studded embroidery and correct fitting. Jacket blouses also suitable for fat women. You can even try cold shoulder blouses with or elbow length. Avoid high neck, cape blouses, and puffed sleeves that add extra weight. Avoid heavily embellished blouses. Go for single shade with simple embroidery work at neck and sleeves end or self intricate design fabric. Princess cut blouses work well for fat women. If you have flawless skin then go for broad or deep back neck blouses that create an illusion of a slim body and look great with fancy tussles. Simplicity also helps when the saree is that much bit ‘gaudier’ than usual.

A dark color can also help quite a bit. The white and light attract attention. The dark draws interest but does not give a clear picture of the size of the wearer. Green, blue, maroon, black would be nice and appropriate to look slimmer.

Pay attention to the border. For the healthy-looking, thin borders or the single lower border on the heavy sarees online are most suitable.

Avoid floating style pallu for opaque sarees. The floating style is the easiest and generally preferred but with the opaque saree and for a bulky figure, it would look out of place. The same style followed for semi-transparent sarees gives a slimmer appearance instead. Don’t try the Gujarati style. Worn with the pallu on the ‘wrong side’ of the conventional one, gives an awkward appearance if you are the healthy-looking types. This style is meant for slim ladies to look elegant. Keep the shoulder pleats limited to a number. Less number of saree pleats help a lot. A few broad pleats in the front, makes the tucked part appear small and does not add to the measurement of the wearer’s waistline.

The heeled footwear complements your body shape nicely. If the wearer is confident, nothing like high heels to perfectly match the silk saree. Where the end of the saree and the beginning of the footwear straps meet is very often the focus of the onlooker’s viewpoint. An overlap or a wide gap, are both must be avoided.

Chanderi Silk Saree

While tips are suggested to get the desired effect, ultimately how it comes through is from wearing and experience. And of course, you can always use your best adornments – your confident gait, the poise, and your sweet body language to do the rest.

A saree is an all-inclusive and versatile garment. A saree makes a woman look graceful, irrespective of height, weight, complexion or nationality. You need to pick up the appropriate style and see how it feels when draped. The best silk sarees for you to look slim are Kota, Chanderi, Maheshwari, Ikkat, or South silks like Madurai, Coimbatore, Negamam, Aruppukottai, Kanchi or Mysore, Opara, Arni Silks, Madurai Silks. Just try wearing a saree and in turn, it will make you look slim and beautiful as you style it nicely.