Indian Sarees With Various Designs & Patterns

The history of print on textile has its root in China where wooden blocks were used for printing trees and flowers on silk. Indian artisans have adopted this method later and then it became popular all over the world. Over the years, there has been a craving for popularity of prints and it is now reflected in sarees. With passing days of different styles, designs and patterns have emerged. Recently geometric, floral or abstract patterns on sarees are very much in demand.

Designers from different parts of the country have developed their individual patterns based on culture and tradition. Many printed saree depicts a scene from epics or reflects the architectural grandeur of the temple.

Stripes, polka, animal print, black and white, masaba print are the choice of present generation. These prints are done in fabrics like silk, cotton, georgette, crepe, chiffon, tussar and soon.

Printed cotton sarees have a wide range like Madhubani, kalamkari, batik etc. These are highly user-friendly and suggested for all seasons. Block print cotton sarees are the most chosen ones amongst the regular office goers. These are the very elegant and breathable type of sarees.

Printed Sarees

These days there is another type of printed saree named taant print. These sarees are appreciated by the sophisticated ladies of society and available in all prestigious boutiques and showrooms everywhere.

Now printed tussar or printed georgette sarees are a bit of dressy ones which will go very well for evening parties or other functions. When you drape it nicely with other accessories you become a role model for that evening.

Saree fabric

If you want printed light weight fabric you may go for chiffon sarees. Women across different ages prefer this saree because of its’ soft texture and beautiful prints. Printed chiffon sarees have variety of colors which will surely make an appeal to your sense of basic aesthetics. Complement it with suitable accessories and you will stand out in any crowd.

Printed Rajasthani sarees are occupying a major space in fashion world of present days. Bandhani sarees, lahariya sarees and kota Doria sarees are liked by most of the ladies in our country. These sarees are of very bright colors and dyeing technique of these sarees are amazing. The fabric used for these are cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette and so on. Since Rajasthan is a state of desert, colorful printed sarees are found all over the places of this state basically to change the monotony of life over there.

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