Latest trend in Indian bridal saree

A dream about bridal saree is an idea which each and every girl possesses as they grow up. As the girl gradually gets into womanhood, she cherishes the dream of seeing herself as a bride on her wedding day.

When she makes the selection of her bridal saree, her prime attention goes to a banarasi saree. But these days to keep up with present trend, many of them select other sarees like baluchari, kanjivaram, georgette etc.

Banarasi silk sarees are the reflection of artistic brilliance. They can be called as queen of Indian sarees. Banaras is its originating place. Banarasi sarees are crafted with small booties or motifs across the entire length. These are designed with gold and silver thread and weaved with the highest grade of silk fabrics.

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi sarees are of different types, namely tussar, silk, tissue, zardousi, tanchoi, karial, pashmina and so on. Nowadays brides are choosing mainly zardousi banarasi for their wedding ceremony.

Zardousi Banarasis are of various colors and designs which fall into the category of signature collection. Red is the color of love and passion and marriage involves lot of love and passion, red is the most chosen color for a bridal banarasi.


Banarasi silk sarees are topping the list of bridal sarees and these are all time classics dominating the fashion world of ceremonial attire.

Kanjivaram sarees are also regarded as bridal sarees in many of the states of south India. In down south girls can’t think of their marriage without a Kanjivaram saree for their bridal.

Kanjivaram sarees originated from a place named Kanchipuram which again is in the state of Tamil Nadu of South India.

Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram sarees have heavy zari work on its border and pallu. Very high and durable type of silk fabric Is used to weave Kanjivaram sari. At times it has zari work of different motifs covering the entire length of the saree. Kanjivaram sarees have fabulous color range but yellow color is appreciated most for bridal.

Kanjivaram saree is most popular bridal attire and it is ruling over the market of south Indian silk hub.

Georgette sarees are very comfortable to wear and it is of various types and colors. Different work like zari embroidery, sequin, mirror and cutwork can be done on georgette sarees. Modern bride will automatically get attracted toward these exclusive georgette sarees. Mostly in the northern part of India, Brides opt for georgette sarees for the occasion of their bridal.

In India, marriage is a very auspicious occasion in which the bride and the bridegroom get knotted up for their lifetime. Bridal is the most important part of this occasion where the focus of everybody will be on the bride. It is a big responsibility for the bride to select the right bridal saree to grace the occasion. If her choice of bridal saree gets appreciated by everybody then she becomes the winner in staring the journey of her conjugal life.