The saree has been the Indian Traditional attire for women for decades. This ethnic wear has captured the hearts of millions of people across the world. Indian sarees are the symbol of culture and regional differences of the country. Sarees are so appealing that it fascinates western women also by it's beauty. Indian sarees are a little wonder and women from different part of the world like Bangladesh, Srilanka, USA like to wear sarees in different occasion. With the increasing demand of Indian sarees in domestic and International market, sarees have become a successful trading item. Varities of Sarees The designs, patterns and the draping style vary from region to region. For example, Nivi style, Bengali traditional style, Mumtaz style, Butterfly and Marmaid etc. style are the famous saree draping techniques. Saree weavers always try to bring a new style of borders, laces, pallu and pleats etc to make the saree unique. Those days are gone when sarees were limited to only Indian women. Now this outfit has got so much appreciation that it has crossed the borders. Here we have discussed about some authentic traditional sarees of India which have huge demand not only in India but in foreign countries too. Banarasi Sarees: Banarasi sarees

A Banarasi saree is the most treasured asset of any Indian lady. These sarees have huge demand not just in India, but all over the world. Banarasi saree is made first in Vanaras. Banarasi sarees are famous for their gold, zari and rich embroidery work.The Banarasi sarees are costlier than the other saree because these sarees are woven from the best quality silk that is brought from Karnataka. Some of the common type of Banarasi sarees are Korial Banarasi, Pashmina Banarasi, Tradional Banarasi and Tanchoi Banarasi etc. Indian brides love to drape this marvelous piece of cloth as this is considered as one of the best wedding or bridal attire. Kanjivaram Saree: Kanjivaram saree

Kanjivaram saree is a type of silk saree made in the Kanchipuram region in Tamil Nadu, India. Kanjivaram sarees are well known for their great texture, quality & craftsman ship. It takes a long time and effort to make a single saree. Kanjivaram sarees usually have thick golden border brocade design which is the most popular technique used to decorate expensive sarees. You can find floral or indian mythological tales design on Kanjivaram sarees. Kanjivaram sarees always give you an unmatched royal, ethnic, traditional and rich look. Dhakai Jamdani Saree: Dhakai Jamdani

Dhakai Jamdaniis one of the best exquisite textile of Bengal, mostly produced in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The origin of the Jamdani is full of mystery. The word Jamdani is a Persian word; Jam means flower and Dani means a vase. Jamdani is a basically woven by finest form of cotton fabric and making these sarees really needs hard labour. It is considered as an artistic creation of Bangladesh because of rich motif work and brocade design. Tant Saree: Tant saree

Tant Saree is a traditional Bengali saree produced by the weavers from all over West Bengal and Bangladesh but typically few places like Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly are the major producer. Cotton Fabrics are used to make tant sarees and women from different part of the world like Tant saree because of extra light weight and transparency. This saree is just perfect to wear in Indian hot and humid weather. Tant saree's brief muslin like finish and expanded pallus have make it more comfortable to wear. Baluchori saree: Baluchori saree

Baluchori saree or Baluchari saree mostly worn by ladies across India and Bangladesh. Baluchari sarees look unique because of its depictions of mythological scenes on the pallu of the saree. Murshidabad is the major producer of Baluchori sarees. Around two hundred years ago baluchori saree was woven in a small village called Baluchar in Murshidabad district and this is the reason people named it as Baluchori saree. Processing a Baluchori saree needs around 1 week. Baluchori saree has to go through several processes to get the finest quality and depictions of Mahabharat and Ramayana with detailed craftwork just so precise that women from accros the world want to wear it.