Look Eternally Beautiful in A Fancy Linen Silk Saree

A saree defines the eternal beauty of Indian women for sure. But often, wearing a heavy saree becomes way too stressful for long day events. Linen is a fabric that comes to the rescue when it arrives at having an easy-breezy ride in a saree attire. It is silky soft and yet quite elegant looking. Therefore, linen silk sarees are among the best chosen saree fashions in today’s generation. Most of the leading Indian designers choose linen silk as their go-to fabric to make their traditional outfit collections. However, if you are a saree fascinating Indian woman, then a fancy linen silk saree is a must have in your wardrobe. Because these sarees are beautiful, sturdy, soft, and graceful.

From the Pages of History

The history of linen fabric dates back to the ancient civilization of Egypt. The sturdy fabric was a very popular clothing material among the royal families. This was because linen had a complicated manufacturing process that only wealthy people of the society could afford. Linen silk came into existence as the weavers started weaving silk fabrics on linen yarns. This kind of silk turned out to be a bit fancier as there were silk undertones mixed with the linen threads. A linen silk saree has an added gloss and sheer factor along with the sturdiness of the fabric. The colors are prominent yet not over the top. The linen silk fabric used to be exported to Mediterranean territories in the past.

Specialty of A Linen Silk Saree

There are some prominent special features that make a linen silk saree stand out. The first one is that a linen silk saree is harder than many other saree fabrics available in the market. For its tight weaving and higher numbers of thread counts, the longevity of these sarees are guaranteed. Apart from that, linen silk saree is soft and with full of sheer and sheen. Therefore, the draping process is quite easy and the fabric stays placed around your body effortlessly. A fancy linen silk saree can be a great substitute for the other heavier traditional sarees for it is gorgeous and easy to carry.

How to Style A Fancy Linen Silk Saree

Styling a fancy linen silk saree comes with a lot of options. You can pick your saree according to the occasion, be it an evening corporate party, a festive event, or a wedding ceremony. For a wedding event, you can easily rock the evening as the friend of the bride. Wear a linen silk saree and pair it with traditional jewelries and hair accessories along with prominent kajal and lip shades. For a party event, you can pick a graceful fancy linen silk saree and pair it with elegant and sleek contemporary yet minimalistic jewelries. Tie your hair up into a messy bun or keep the hair flowing down. Add a decent party appropriate makeup and you’re good to go.


A fancy linen silk saree can make a woman look her best and that too in an effortless way. You can style it in different ways as these sarees come with a lot of styling options. However, the trick is to choose the right saree for the right occasion.