In the huge field of sarees, silk is perhaps the most versatile one with so many patterns and designs. The most popular ones are Kanjivaram, Opara, Banarasi, Katan and many more. These sarees are always in high demand because almost every fashionista women in India loves to wear these. When it comes to silk sarees, we are always concerned and start to think about a lot of questions like 'Will I look nice in this colour?', 'Will this type of silk go in this type of occasion?', 'Will I look odd if I wear a this type of silk?' and what not.
But did you ever think how to keep your loving dress (saree) safe and secured inside your wardrobe? If yes, then it's fine but if no then start thinking. In this discussion we will share with you some of the tips to keep your silk saree at its best condition.

  • Damp can often damage your silk sarees. So please get a bulb installed within your closet or cupboard to ensure that it has minimal moisture content.
  • Only dry wash or use soft detergents to wash your silk sarees.
  • Keep dried red chillies to keep insects away from your sarees.
  • Dried flowers can eliminate the damp smell from your apparel.
  • Use hangers to hang your silk sarees.
  • Wash the sarees separately to prevent colour bleeds that can damage your expensive sarees permanently.
  • Using a fresh paper to get the sarees packed.
  • Packing white sarees in blue sheets help to preserve the white colour for a long time.

We hope that this short blog will have long impact on your styles and habits. Following the above mentioned steps is not a big task at all but can surely prove to have a big effect on your look.