Make the best of Onam celebration with authentic South silk sarees

Onam is considered to be the most famous South Indian festival which is quite traditionally celebrated in Kerala. The festival is a symbol of heritage and culture which is celebrated on the occasion of the homecoming of Lord Mahabali, who sacrificed his life for the people. Again, it is also a festival of harvesting that comes in Monsoon. But are you aware of one more tradition that is followed by the women in Kerala? Yes, during the festival, the women follow a tradition of wearing the Onam saree designs. The saree is made with a combination of merely two colors, white and golden, which are considered to be the symbols of good luck and wealth. Along with the saree, wearing golden ornaments is equally important. But with the change of time different colors have enriched the festival as a result of which women in Kerala has started wearing different types of colorful silk sarees adding a special vibe to the celebration.

Onam celebration is about to begin and with celebration preparations in full swing, you can feel the excitement and joy in the air. One of the biggest festivals in ‘God’s Own Country’ which is well renowned for the grand feast called, Onasadya. On the occasion of Onam celebration, here at Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, you’ll find a vast and colorful selection of Onam sarees.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Traditional sarees are the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Onam celebrations. From Kerala Kasavu sarees to handwoven Kanchipuram silk sarees, bring a vibrant and colorful touch to the occasion. As traditional as one can be, you can never go wrong with an Onam saree as you deck yourself in traditional jewelry and ethnic accessories for Onam celebration this year. At online store of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, look through a vast collection of Onam sarees and take your pick from gorgeous pieces made from Mysore Silk, Bangalore Silk, Kerala Kasavu, and Kanchipuram Silk, among other famous traditional silk fabrics.

Loved by saree lovers for its lightness, contrast pallus, and golden bootis, Mysore Silks get their name from Mysore town in Karnataka. Comfortable to wear and drape during Onam, our silk range is matched in Jewel Tones.

The incredible tradition of Handwoven Kanchipuram Silks from Tamil Nadu is an undeniable part of Onam celebration. The heavy silk, dull luster and most ethnic golden motifs in the borders and pallus make the Kanchipuram a must-wear during Onam.

The land of sun & sand has a colorful hand weave heritage. Be bedecked in festive finery with our traditional Kerala Kasavu silk Sarees from Kerala. This cream and gold tune is at the prime focus of Onam celebrations!

South Silk Saree

More affordable than Kanchipuram but equally attractive are Bangalore Silks with their fiery spell and eye-catching gold patterns. You can always introduce grace and majesty into Onam in our Bangalore Silk Sarees with broad contrasting borders.

Onam is a true celebration of the gods. With Kasavu silk saree clad women dancing thiruvathirakali and fierce men portraying the dramatic Kathakali dance, Onam is nothing short of an extraordinary festival.

With so much of grandeur in it’s celebration, Keralites are definitely not going easy on the selection of their sarees. Kerala sarees that are the definition of class and splendor are reflections of the festival’s mood. With beautiful golden borders and exquisite designs, Kerala saree or kanjivaram sarees are an absolute favorite for not only women from Kerala but also women from all over the country. As Onam is right ahead, Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal has the finest South Indian silk sarees. Buy these sarees online from the and celebrate Onam with a true South Indian style.

White Kanjivaram Silk

If you wish to have everything from one roof, then trusting online store of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal is worth a shop solution. When you wish to be traditional elite then shopping for south Indian silk sarees is simply worth a thing to go for. Their vast range of collection will give you wide options to survey, shop and evaluate. When you wish to go for the best, their online store is an ultimate name to trust right from soothing shades to completely bold ones in sarees, you could just demand more. The best part here is you do not have to worry on the matching blouses. Many of the sarees do even come with blouse materials.

So, this is the right time for you to do your shopping for this Onam.