Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindus as festival of lights. This is the most popular festival amongst Hindus which signifies the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evils and knowledge over ignorance.

There is a difference of stories between Hindus of northern India and Hindus of southern India. In northern India the story is of Ramchandra that is after defeating Ravana he celebrated his victory by lighting an innumerable number of clay lamps in his place. Down south in India the Hindus believe that this Diwali festival of light was celebrated by Krishna after defeating the demon Narakasura.

Diwali Saree

Fact remains that Diwali is celebrated by people all over India as a festival of lights. Most of the celebration is associated with good clothes and sweets. As such new collection of sarees for this occasion is appreciated by almost all Indian ladies for festival celebration. There are many Diwali saree collections available in boutiques and showrooms which are having heavy works with sequins crystal zari to attract one’s attention. These works are widely honored and accepted by the customers. Mostly the work is done on chiffon, tissue, silk and georgette sarees. Women buying such exquisite sarees are sure to make others breathless on draping them. During any festival, women prefer to put on the best and finest sarees with the traditional drape.

Again Banarasi, Dhakai jamdani, Baluchari and many other types of traditional silk sarees are also chosen ones for the occasion of Diwali. All these Diwali sarees cover every style.

Festive Saree

All these sarees are unique in terms of material, designs, embroidery, and embellishment on rich fabric. Opara sarees are also very dressy one which is often chosen by a lady for Diwali evening celebration. These days handloom and Linen sarees are liked by everybody. They are making their own place by their ethnic beauty and style.

Festival involves enthusiasm and passion amongst all concerning rituals get-togethers and cultural programmes etc. This brings the need to wear ethnic as well as traditional sarees.

Readers! since Diwali is right ahead please expedite your saree shopping by collecting sarees from newly arrived saree in showrooms to make this Diwali extremely gorgeous and enlightening.