Pick From The Latest Collection Of Sarees To Wear This Durga Puja 2022

It is almost that time of the year. The streets will be filled up with shiny and glittering lights, houses will be thoroughly cleaned and decked up, Kolkata, herself and many parts throughout the country will be beautifully decorated. The overall atmosphere of people in Kolkata will shift towards a festive mood because it is time for ‘Durga Ma’ to come home. Durga puja is the biggest festival of Bengali people which is celebrated in the month of September or October for a period of 5 days. During this period, the people put their best self forward, even break away from their daily modern life and show the true ethnicity of our culture.

Speaking of ethnicity, Durga puja and traditional wears go hand in hand. From little kids to aged people, they all love to wear ethnic clothes during the days of Durga puja. It is almost a tradition to buy new clothes. Bengali people, whether they buy new clothes anytime else throughout the year or not, they will definitely buy during Durga puja and it is during this period, the women show their love for sarees. Bengali women or any women, loves to sport beautiful traditional sarees or designer sarees on the four most significant days of Durga puja which are Saptami, Ashtami, Nabami and Dashami. These are the days where the main rituals takes place and accordingly, women select their attire.

Women wear different sarees on different nights of the puja. Some even separate the ritual attending look and going out look. Generally, during the morning or day rituals women loves to wear handloom cotton sarees or designer cotton sarees. They are comfortable, perfect for daytime. The Bengali feel of these sarees are simply amazing. They are also perfect for going to parties in the evening. On Saptami night, one can go for ‘Tant’ sarees. These are another type of cotton sarees which are beautiful with elegant feels. You can go with a white tant saree with golden borders or break free from stereotyped colours and go with black or silver coloured sarees. The choice is yours.

Puja Special Cotton Saree

Ashtami is an very important day. On this day, every one offers ‘anjali’ during the morning rituals and it is a must for women to wear saree during this ritual. You can go with white cotton saree with red borders. This combination of colors is traditional as it is believed that women used to worship ‘Ma Durga’ wearing white sarees with red borders since the origin of Durga puja. You can also wear yellow and other bright colored sarees. On Ashtami night, you can go out wearing red pure silk sarees or traditional benarasi sarees invoking the goddess in you.

Puja Special Banarasi Saree

On Nabami night, you can go fashionable and chic wearing designer chiffon sarees and georgette sarees. These sarees are absolutely beautiful and they are very light in texture, perfect for going out with friends and ‘pandal’ hopping. Dashami marks the end of the festival. It is an emotional day for everyone as on this day, you bid goodbye to ‘Ma Durga’. Generally, women wear the typical white and red colour sarees which is perfect for ‘sindoor khela’, a special ritual of women on this day. You can go for a beautiful white and red combined Dhakai jamdani saree.

Puja Special Chiffon Saree

Durga puja holds a lot of emotion and it is also very important for keeping our culture and traditions alive. Handloom industries, artisans and weavers, they all get a big boom in their business during this period which important for their sustenance. Keeping all these emotions and importance in mind, the house of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal offers you the latest collection of sarees for this year’s Durga puja. Check out their website now and a very happy Durga puja!