Printed Silk Saree- The Most Demanding Ethnic Women Wear

In India, sarees are one of the most traditional as well as ethnic attires that women would love to wear for a number of occasions. Whether it is block print, floral print, geometrical print, temple print or animal prints, there is no shortfall of designs when you decide to buy printed silk sarees for women from the online portal of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal. Your search for the finest collection of printed silk sarees stops here, as here you will find numerous colors, fabrics, and prints in party wear, office wear, and everyday wear printed sarees for sale.

Hand Printing – Woodblock or hand printing is a much popular kind of style in cottage industries. But definitely, when the same is done on silk fabric, it becomes much expensive as it needs a lot of time as well as human effort. The handmade printing has become much popular in different states of India. The most popular motifs or designs that are used in the printed silk textiles are either floral patterns or butti patterns. Kalmkari, Madhubani and many other types of hand-printed sarees are available in the market that is worn by many fashionable ladies in the society.

Sea green and blue printed silk

Machine printing– There is no such kind of print that cannot be administered to a fabric through a machine. Definitely, if prints are made through a machine then it looks cleaner, perfect and less of error. The process is also less time-consuming and the versatility of designs is more compared to hand-printed one. Thus, the cost of textiles also becomes less.

Printed silk textile sarees have become very popular because not only in particular types of silk saree but the prints can be administered on several kinds of silk saree also. The motifs which are used in designer silk sarees recently are more elegant as well as gorgeous.

Right from abstract prints in pastel shades to geometric patterns, you can practically experiment with thousands of designs if you want to buy printed silk sarees for any occasion or if you want to gift the silk sarees to someone on their birthday or on their wedding anniversary.

Black printed silk

However, in the last couple of decades, printing on silk has become very popular in the world of fashion. Although, block printing is practically a tradition in India, practiced by a number of communities for a very long time, industrially weaved printed silk saree is only a recent phenomenon. This form of designing in the silk fabric has come about for the following reasons:-

The cost of production is lower due to the industrial revolution and globalization of recent technology.

The process involves a shorter time as well as less human effort.

A larger number of innovative, intricate designs can be produced in a shorter period of time.

Every element of printing, right from the color to the fabric, is professionally treated and tested so that the nature of the print is permanent and clean. But in hand printing, there is always a chance for human error.

Beige color printed silk

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