Legacy of saree is continuing its journey right through the history of cultural tradition of our country.

Nowadays women take sarees as a statement of style to project themselves to the fashion world of garments. Keeping this in our mind, in the beginning of 2019 let us have retrospective of trendy sarees that ruled the year of 2018.

In India counting, actual type of sarees is almost impossible. But after making a proper survey in the field of saree it may be done to a certain extent to know which are the type of sarees that ruled over the trend of 2018 saree market for its buyers.

Banarasi silk sarees are brilliant in their marvelous color, sheen and texture and they are the ones which are all time hit forever in our Indian saree hub. They have their origin in Banaras, a city of state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They have heavy golden embroidery, especially on border and pallu. They are the most popular bridal sarees in India.

Banarasi Silk

Kanjivaram sarees are the most famous bridal sarees of South India. They are from a place called Kanchipuram which is in the state of Tamil Nadu of our country. These sarees are famous for their vibrant colors and gorgeous zari borders with temple patterns. Demand for Kanjivaram sarees got circulated all over India as ladies appreciate this saree for celebrating many occasions in society.

Kanjivaram Saree

Trend was on for dhakai jamdani sarees which were basically rooted in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh now. These sarees are of both in cotton and in maslin available in the market. The texture of this saree is very fine and these are the lightweight sarees chosen by all sophisticated ladies of West Bengal as well as of other states of India.

Dhakai Jamdani

Tussar silk sarees are having their own variety which has made them one of the most popular sarees of last year. They are having nice colors and motifs for which ladies of all ages choose to keep them in their connection. Tussar silks are of different types like gicha, bhagalpuri, katki, khadi and so on. These days, tussar Banaras is are available in the market which is excellent in their quality and elegance.

Tussar Silk

In a tropical country like ours, linen sarees are of everybody’s choice as it is highly comfortable for its wearers. The unique collection of linen sarees are available in the boutiques and showrooms and they all have stunning colors and designs. Linen sarees bring a cooling effect which is very much appreciated by the wearers throughout the year irrespective of seasons. It has made its own place on the saree index of 2018.

Linen Saree

Handloom sarees have captured the Indian market with all its luxurious collections last year. Such stunning handloom sarees have come to the market that it is really pushing backward many other types of sarees. Designers of handloom sarees are showing a path of business by earning revenue with their products. It cannot be denied that handloom sarees are one of the markets hit ones amongst the sarees of last year.

Many sarees have enlisted themselves in the list of chosen sarees of last year amongst which I have only mentioned some remarkable ones in this write-up. But I hope my retrospective report will help others to understand and estimate the trend in the field of saree that ruled over the year 2018.