Sensuous Ghicha Silk Sarees To Enhance Your Poise And Elegance

The Indian ethnic collection is not limited to cotton or georgette but has expanded to a great level. Silk is the most popular fabric luring the attention of wearer from across the world and Ghicha Tussar silk sarees are one of them – crafted by using Ghicha or Gicha – a silken yarn obtained from cocoons that don’t get included in the routine process of reeling in the Tussar silk – directly from the cocoon. Well known for their weaving patterns, Ghicha Silk sarees are renowned for their weaving patterns. Fancy block prints, batik prints and gold prints on Ghicha Silk sarees are well known among the saree lovers. Ghicha silk saree is hugely demanded by those who like the unique coarse texture with the characteristic sheen and luster of silk. It is airy and soft and hence really comfortable to wear. Your Ghicha silk saree online shopping process from a trusted site will allow you to pick a unique piece with an uneven finish and stylish shimmer. The best part is that Ghicha silk saree price is much less than Tussar or other pure silk sarees. So, you can get yourself a whole collection of these for the festive season and enjoy the opulence of a silken saree, without going beyond your budget for them.

Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, the worldwide leader in selling the best ethnic Indian sarees have the largest and the widest variety Ghicha Silk Sarees online. The new Ghicha silk saree etched with gold printed butis and the double printed border with an elegant pallu is amiable wear for corporate office and traditional occasions. Designer half and half Ghicha silk saree of embroidery butis having patola border are remarkable. These can be worn on festivals, family get together and parties. Pure Ghicha silk sarees with printed stripes and leaf designs on the border are not only fashionable but gets appreciated for formal wear also.

Fancy Ghicha Silk Saree

Ghicha silk is actually a byproduct of Tussar silk. To process of reeling silk requires the cocoons to be in perfect condition, without any damage. If a cocoon is found to be damaged in some way, it is excluded from the batch that goes into the Tussar silk-reeling process. The separated ones are processed the same way as the undamaged ones, and then, threads are pulled out slowly from these separated cocoons by hand, which are then spun. The silken yarn thus obtained is called Ghicha.

Usually, Ghicha Saree is popular for its texture and weaving patterns. The Latest Ghicha saree online embroidered with multi-thread embroidery, embellished with zari patchwork and zari border is stylish wear for special occasions. The charming cream Ghicha Sarees from Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal online portal has lovely multicolor tribal dancing women with floral painting borders on either side. The Pallu has its own grandeur, depicting scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. A tribal art masterpiece entirely hand-painted, it is a saree for grand occasions like weddings, parties, foundational events, stage performances, and exclusive meets.

Good looking sarees with an unusual sheen along with being light and airy, sensuous Ghicha sarees make gracious wear especially for corporate professionals, college professors, and doctors. Expressing the ethnic tinge, they can also be worn during the festivals, family get together and parties. They also make pleasant evening wear. Ghicha Silk fabric is also used in Banarasi sarees for offering a glossy look to the saree. It is easily made available in wide varieties of colors and patterns. This good quality all-natural fabric is a lot more sturdy and long-lasting is easy to drape in any form due to its pre-dyed high quality that helps to make Ghicha fabric wrinkle-free and light-weighted.

Soft Ghicha Silk Saree

So this festive season let Ghicha Silk Saree be your fashion statement. Buy the latest Ghicha Silk saree online from the showroom of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal and you will definitely be the looked upon with jealous eyes. You’ll be able to find a whole collection of Ghicha silk saree with the price that will fit right into your budget. From sarees with thick embroidery work to trendy designer half and half sarees, you will find it all. So whether you want a few beautiful picks for yourself, or want to get a gift for the bride, sensuous Ghicha silk sarees are an excellent option for the festive season this year!