Significance of Wearing A Yellow Saree on Saraswati Puja Festival

Saraswati puja arrives with the whispers of spring. It arrives with the season of blooming flowers and budding love. The soft breeze, the fiery hues of Palash and Shimul, the yellow saree, and morning rituals, all blend beautifully on this auspicious day of Saraswati puja. Young girls and women across Bengal wear yellow traditional sarees to mark the holy event and make it even more special.

However, there is a host of social, cultural, and traditional significance for choosing the yellow color for Saraswati puja saree. In this blog we’ll tap into the importance of wearing a yellow saree on Saraswati puja festival. Read on.

Traditional Significance

Indians are known for wearing their traditions on their sleeves. And when it comes to a holy event like Saraswati puja, the traditional significance turns out even more dominant. The other name of Saraswati puja is Basant Panchami. It marks the fifth day of the waxing moon phase and falls in the month called “Magh” in Bengal.

The festival celebrates the arrival of the goddess of wisdom, art, creativity, and music, Devi Saraswati. She is the epitome of grace and all things bright. Hence, she arrives wearing a yellow saree. Women of all ages, therefore, celebrate her arrival wearing yellow Saraswati puja saree.

In Sync With Nature

Saraswati puja marks the end of the dry and gloomy winter days and withered trees. Mother nature opens her enchanted box and gifts us ripened harvests. You can observe bright yellow mustard flowers blooming across the vast stretches of lands in Bengal. Nature decorates herself with vibrant hues and fresh new blooming flowers.

Hence, the ritual in Bengal is to portray the auspicious event of Saraswati puja with the holy color of yellow. The bright and vibrant shades of yellow blends perfectly with the bright days ahead in the spring season. Women who follow Bengal’s culture and traditions all across the globe, therefore, wear yellow Saraswati puja saree in sync with nature.

Style Quotient

We have discussed about the traditional and natural significance of wearing yellow saree during Saraswati puja. But that’s not all! One very prominent importance of wearing a yellow Saraswati puja saree happens to be the style factor associated with it. This is the season of love and girls would love to impress their lovers by looking their best! And what better than a yellow saree can do the trick?

Therefore, it is quite essential for a lady who belongs to Bengal, to have a couple of yellow sarees in her wardrobe. You can brighten up an otherwise dull look instantly by wearing a Saraswati puja saree in yellow color. The style quotient will be high and you’ll impress your significant other in no time.

The Final Note

There is no end to the reasons and importance of wearing a yellow saree on Saraswati puja festival. To look your best on this auspicious day, you must own a traditional yellow saree of good quality. Because nothing can match the beauty of a Bengali lady in her dark eyes and her bright yellow drape.