Simple and easy tips to accessorize your Cotton sarees at work

In India, people of most of the states experience hot and humid climate throughout the year. Nothing can be as comfortable as cotton during such humid weather in our country. However, often many complain that it cannot make a gorgeous style statement. But if done properly with the right accessories, it can look like a real classy one.

The saree that you carry at your working place should be able to make you look stylish, very comfortable, and must reflect your positive attitude. If you can bring all these features in a saree, then you can be that fashion icon in your office which everyone likes to become. Any cotton sarees are ideal for regular office wear and it looks very dignified also. Let's discuss some popular Bengal cotton handloom sarees that give you a professional look at your workplace.

Tangail is one of the famous Bengal handloom saree for any occasion. Tangail is one kind of unique weaving pattern which is weaved in Nadia and Burdwan District. For any type of office party, it gives you a professional look with comfort.

Begampuri sarees come from Begampur, Hooghly. The best way to find out begampuri saree is straight border in pallu. It’s another cotton handloom saree from Bengal. Different colors of begampuri sarees are available in any saree store or online store.

Handloom Cotton Saree

Fulia is also known as Fulia tant saree in the saree world. Another handwoven cotton saree for regular wear and it’s very easy to drape. Shantipur located in Nadia district is mainly famed for Shantipuri saree. Shantipuri handloom cotton saree is noted for its border and motif. It gives an elegant look as well as comfort for office wear.

As we all know Khadi is our own textile and traditional too. It’s a very soft fabric and a pleasure to wear. Some Bengal weavers are still weaving khadi cotton sarees that are available in any Khadi shop or online store.

Dhaniakhali sarees are the best choice for elderly working women. It is one kind of soft cotton saree. Best saree for regular wear, office wear at a reasonable price.

Mangalagiri cotton is one of the types of weaves produced in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Made of pure and longlasting fibers, mangalagiri cotton sarees are generally found in a single color. This adds to the overall charm and appeal of the saree as the designs and patterns of the pallu and border are showcased very well. Ladies feel highly comfortable when they wear this saree at their daily working place.

Ikkat cotton sarees in India are made in most intricate processes – the yarns are tightly bound together in the desired pattern and then colored using resist dying. This saree is another chosen one for office goers as it looks very elegant as well as distinguished when worn.

Accessories for sarees have an amazing effect on ladies. Choosing the right set of accessories for cotton sarees can determine the perception of the wearer. The way you drape your saree and choose your accessories, it can make you either an ethnic lady or an unnoticed woman at your working place.

Take a look at how one can upgrade this drape and look like a star.

The beauty of a saree is attributed to the blouse it is matched up with. A loose blouse makes you look old fashioned and clumsy while a tight blouse shows the fat at your back and makes you look unstructured! Blouses should be made with delicacy and skill to truly exhibit your beauty. Make sure you get your blouse stitched perfectly – not too loose or not too tight either.

Linen Cotton Saree

Just as a badly stitched blouse can ruin a saree, so can the colored petticoat! A differently colored petticoat being too visible ruins the saree’s beauty. Also, see to it that the fabric and fitting of the petticoat are perfect so that it does not your attire. Too long or too short petticoats should not be worn, and so are flared petticoats, since they make you look shapeless. Loose petticoats can create folds that can spoil the look of your saree and if it is loose over the waistline, it gets heaped up which makes the waist look very fat.

Now, most of the time people get confused with what they should sport with cotton saree. The best thing that you can sport is a dokra set or a bronze set or a terracotta set with it. Nothing can be teamed up with the cotton material like them. Dokra sets are appropriate jewelry pieces that can add a spark of ethnic beauty. Silver can be paired as well with it. One just needs to be careful enough for the colors that they are going to choose for.

Flat, Kolhapur chappals and jute chappals can be the best footwear for them. They are the ethnic, classy and perfect match with the ethnic dress. If you are confident enough to take up a perfect Indian look, kohlapuri jooti can be a suitable alternative for you.

When you wear sarees, you need to take care of your body type before choosing the right accessories. That’s because sarees exhibit your curves a lot more than other attires. Tall, thin women look best with short, slouchy bags like hobos and clutches. Short figured women should avoid oversized bags since that goes over their small frames. Short women should carry handbags with long straps. Plus-size women look good with medium-sized bags.

Bags are an important part of the women's ensemble. It carries the whole world for them. But what bag one should select with an ethnic cotton saree? Leather tote bags are too formal to team up with them. The best thing that you can carry is a vibrant, colorful jholas, matched with the outfit.

Gadwal Cotton Saree

When you choose accessories for a saree, focus on the small things like the bindi, the color of the nail polish, or the choice of bangles. After all, small things add up and accessories have an adverse effect on the style quotient when you use them wrongly. Bindi is a must wear with a cotton saree. A black or red bindi is a perfect thing to wear on the dainty forehead. A small or medium-sized bindi is the perfect accessory that can easily light up the face with a broader forehead.

Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi once commented that the sexiest thing that a woman can flaunt with is a toe ring. Toe rings can be the best and tiniest thing for the sport. Yet it can make a stunning style statement when it is made by a famous designer. Silver is the most preferred metal for such a toe ring.

There are lots of Indian accessories with sarees to choose from. When you take up the effort to wear the right kind of cotton saree and accessories for your working place, you will be the center of attention in the crowd. But if you disregard the context, you will draw unnecessary attention when you are better off blending in and vice versa!

Enhance your look wearing cotton sarees with the accessories and show your stunning side at your working place.