Summer saree collection you must buy

Summer has already reached. So, this is the time to reorganize the wardrobe with light breathable sarees like cotton, linen, kota, chiffon, and tussar. These sarees are best to combat scorching heat of summer which is of longest duration in India.

Cotton, linen, kota, chiffon and tussar silk sarees can be worn as daily wear, office wear, office parties or festive wear. The most remarkable points are these, that these sarees are not only comfortable but also stylish and make a fashion statement.

Taant cotton sarees are of everybody’s choice during the summer season. In West Bengal, there are some places like Samudragarh, Phulia and Shantipur which are the birthplace of cotton taant sarees. These sarees are awesome in color and texture is very soothing for summer. They have a variety of designs and the quality of the fabric is counted with the number of fine threads used for weaving of the sarees. Wearers from all states of India show a hankering for Bengal taant cotton saree.

Tant Cotton Saree

Linen sarees are cool, elegant and breathable. They are particularly useful in summer when the absorbent fabric and flexible drape proves to be a real helpline for the fashionable ladies in the summer season. These are very durable and the designers are experimenting with newer styles and patterns, as a result of which linen sarees are found with classic Indian prints as well as with modern patterning’s.

Linen Cotton Saree

Kota sarees are one of the most popular Indian sarees which is the perfect attire for ladies during summer. Kota saree originates from Kota, a famous city in Rajasthan. These sarees are very lightweight and easy to carry. These are in a square pattern which is known as ‘khats’. Pocket friendly range of this comfortable, translucent saree has made it more appreciated all over India, especially in the season of scorching heat.

Kota Saree

Amongst silk sarees, tussar is comparatively lightweight and it can be worn for festive and parties in summer. In fact, this is the most chosen saree of last year in the fashion world of India.  Tussar silk sarees are of different types like gicha, katki, bhagalpuri, bishnupuri and so on. These days, tussar banarasis are also in the market which is both ethnic and elegant.

Chiffon Saree

Chiffon sarees are all time hit for the present generation of our country. Seniors also like to wear these because it is light weight and easy to drape. At summer time, as a party wear, chiffon sarees are perfect choice for the ladies. These are of different colors, designs and at times with lovely embroidery. These sarees can easily overpower other sarees, when worn for evening parties at the season of summer.

Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal may be called as a saree hub of Kolkata. All these summer wear sarees are available there in abundance. Please go there and pick up your summer sarees to reshuffle your wardrobe. This is for sure that they will make you fully prepared to face the challenge of this summer.