This Holi Spice up your Ethnic Look with Colorful Cotton Sarees

Holi is the day when most people from all levels of society across India and now, even overseas, participate in a mad frenzy of exchanging colors, dry and wet, to celebrate the festival of harmony and happiness. For it is Holi when colors fill the air, stick to apparel, spread all over the place and give a ‘face-lift’ to all who venture outside, not to mention the uplift in emotions too.

Holi is enjoyed thoroughly for a day and the lingering effect of its joy lasts till the next year. The one occasion when a man acknowledges and celebrates color in gay abandon, what Nature has provided for him as a gift.

The festival is enjoyed by the family of all types of economic status and while most play Holi for a day, Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal believes in playing Holi-Color with its colorful cotton sarees all around the year. Working over decades with traditional cotton sarees, it is not just weaving that attracts its customers, it is not only the choice of designs, patterns and other additions to enhance that look but the colors that as a central driving force, tie up all these together as an amalgam of forces destined to bring out stunning and innovative creations of its sarees.

Black Cotton Saree

Talking about their close association with colors, one does not really know how to start. Would one prefer the colors of the Southern cotton sarees, or the Bengal Handloom cotton sarees like Jamdani, Tant, Kantha, Dhaka cotton and the Odisha wonders of Sambalpuri, Bichitrapuri, and Bomkai? The extraordinary Northeast versions of Assam, Meghalaya, and Nagaland or the sensational works of Rajkot Kota, Chanderi, Maheshwari and Bandhani sarees are also chosen ones for the women for playing Holi. Of course, the designer modern printed handloom cotton sarees, the exotic Batik art, the fancy modern art painting series, are also in the list of Holi sarees for fashionable ladies all over India. The range is vast and naturally, the colors mind-blowing.

Here are some suggestions for you on the selection of your cotton saree that you can pick up for playing Holi. A sea-green Bomkai cotton saree with Ganga Jamuna borders of purple and pink with a lovely pink blouse would look exotic on you on Holi.

Green Cotton Saree

Pale and bright shades of purple in checks on the Rajkot cotton saree with floral applique decorations can be another option for you.

Kerala cotton saree with the deep golden zari borders and the cream-colored small temple design all along lend awesome color variety and elegance to your appearance on the occasion of Holi.

The malmal cotton saree with multi-color vertical stripes all across the saree, with dark-colored block prints all along the border and a designer pallu with a mix of abstract design and figurines in battle alternated, contribute a sensational look to the wearer.

Printed-Cotton Saree

Color fills the heart, thrills the senses, brings out the best in every human being if suited to the personality of that individual. It is the confidence of the wearer, the envy of the onlookers and adds a special flavor to your life. If you choose rightly you stand to gain tremendously and the dimension of your presence takes anew turn. So, in this Holi spice up your ethnic look, with colorful cotton sarees from the online store of Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal.