This summer flaunt your beauty with a fancy cotton saree

No attire comes as close to being as versatile as a saree. The feel of a saree, its color, design, and ability makes it clothing that can be worn on different occasions, adapted to different seasons and is most comfortable for the everyday Indian women. This summer, make cotton sarees and lightweight sarees from Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal a part of your wardrobe. You will be able to flaunt throughout the season by dressing yourself in fancy cotton sarees.

Women love to dress up, and in India sarees are the clothing of choice. While winters call for thick wool or heavy materials, summer is all about experiencing the bliss of cotton. Cotton sarees are lightweight, airy and more importantly allow the body to breathe. The previous assumption that they are drab and boring doesn’t hold good anymore. Ladies can be vivid, exotic and wearing the right designs and colors make them look as grand as any silks.

Linen Cotton Saree

Cotton is obtained from plants which help to make cotton fabric. This material is very comfortable in all the weathers especially summer's. Cotton saree brings a stunning and elegant look to all women. It symbolizes comfort elegance and style. These are the everyday staple sarees of the working class of India. They are popular in all parts of India and worn from North to South, East to West as daily casual wear.

In India, the weather is very hot and humid. They are the best dress for the women here because of its open-ended design. It displays great variety that can be worn everywhere. Instead of wearing western dresses that fits the body, cotton saree is the best option. For summers they are very user-friendly being airy and light. They are suitable for all occasions. As for formal places they are the best choice because it gives a neat and smart look. Similarly, they can be worn for official events, festivals, parties, casually and the list becomes a never-ending one.

South Cotton Saree

Cotton sarees are available for women of all age groups and of all heights and shapes. While the other types of sarees might not be suitable for all kinds of figures, cotton sarees suit all. In India, there are several different types of cotton sarees. Some of the most popular types are gadwal, sambalpuri, jamdani, kota doria, and taant cotton among others. They belong to the different parts of the country. While Gadwal belongs to western India, Jamdani sarees are made in Uttar Pradesh. Sambalpuri sarees are woven in Orissa and Kota Doria sarees are designed in Rajasthan and taant cotton is woven in West Bengal. Cotton sarees can be printed, hand painted, hand-woven, etc. Some sarees are embellished with stones, zari work, pearl, semi-precious stones, beads, sequence, gotta, block print, thread work, mirror work, etc.

Ikkat Cotton Saree

Over the years, the journey of these sarees has gone through several changes. While some prefer to wear it the traditional way, there are several other innovative styles of draping the fabric too. Different parts of the country have different styles of wearing saree. There is the Bengali style, Maharashtrian style, Gujarati style, Tamilian style, etc. of draping a saree. Indian fashion designers have experimented with different styles and have come up with innovative ways of wearing it.

Cotton sarees make for a weather-friendly option. They are an ideal choice for office wear as they give a decent and neat look. They can also be worn to festivals, other events, parties and even casually. These sarees look best when teamed with a matching cotton blouse and accessories such as ethnic jewelry and light makeup during summers.

malmal cotton saree

In order to meet the diverse requirements of the buyers, the leading brand like Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal is offering their collections of cotton fancy sarees in the wide range of designs, shades & specifications. Their showroom is flooded with some of the most demanding collections of fancy sarees that will give you the most amazing look and will enhance your level of satisfaction.