Tips to find out authentic silk sarees

Our obsession with silk saree is both cultural and emotional. With a mention of silk saree many images come up in an individual’s mind, like bright and beautiful colors, traditional colorful motifs, artistic embroidery, lengthy borders and pallus of golden zari and so on. Silk sarees are expensive. So, before spending a handsome amount from your pocket, you must ensure that the silk saree you are going to buy is authentic.

There are certain tests which can be carried out before you pick up a silk saree from showrooms.

Wedding ring test: If the silk saree you have selected is not very heavy then this test can be carried out very easily. Genuine silk of lower ply can be passed through a wedding ring while fake silks scrunch up and would be impossible to pull through.

Assam Silk

Touch test: The silk you have chosen should be rubbed by hand. If you feel the warmth then you can just buy the saree. Synthetic silk will not give you the warmth when rubbed.

Snow walk test: Have you ever walked on snow? If you did then you would know the sound that comes out of snow walking. Authentic silk saree makes exactly that sound when it is new and worn by somebody.

Price factor: Genuine silk sarees are much costlier than the synthetic silk. Sometimes people pay a heavy amount for fake silk sarees unknowingly due to lack of experience. Most of the times, low price indicates a poor quality of silk saree.

Designer Silk

Burn test: This is the most definite test to decide upon the authenticity of the silk saree. You can take a few threads from the material and burn it with flame. Genuine silk burns with a smell of burnt hair while synthetic silk burns with a smell of plastic. You have to be careful while doing this test in the showroom.

A chemical test: With certain ingredients, a solution can be made. Then the silk is to be soaked in it. The authentic silk will melt away but the synthetic silk will remain the same.
traditional Silk

Old is gold: Yes this proverb is very applicable here. Authentic silk gets brighter with time and the artificial silk fades out.

After knowing about so many tips you have no reason to buy fake silk. This is a general helpline for you to check the authenticity of a silk saree. But if you go to Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal you will not have to do any such test, you can purchase authentic silk sarees on blind trust.