Tips to Style Up Your Baluchari Silk Saree for Wedding Parties

Bong women are known for their big eyes and Antpoure traditions. The timeless artistry and sophistication of Bengali culture pave their ways through fashion and lifestyle. There are tales from the glorious ancient hours written across the folds and borders of Bengali traditional sarees. And there is nothing like a Baluchari silk saree that can resonate with the true essence of Bengal. With its’ symbolic designs, luxurious texture, sheen, and shine, Baluchari silk has become a crucial part of our national pride.

Over the years, this traditional saree has emerged as a wedding ‘must have’ for almost every Bengali traditional wedding ceremony across the globe. Be it the bride’s bestie or the mother-in-law, or the bride herself on her Haldi or Bou Bhaat ceremony, you can spot at least one Baluchari silk saree grabbing the spotlight. However, styling this beautiful saree can change the ballgame altogether. So, here, we’ll list out a few tips to style up your Baluchari silk saree for wedding parties. Read on.

Pick an Appropriate Blouse

How a saree will look on you widely depends upon what blouse fabric you are pairing your saree with. For a Baluchari silk saree, you have to be extra careful while picking the blouse. However, since the saree is a statement in itself, there is nothing must to do with the blouse. The easiest way to choose the right blouse for your Baluchari silk is to use the blouse piece attached with the saree. Otherwise, if you want to go experimental, then you can surely pair up a blouse with solid dark shades with a graceful brightly colored saree. Since these sarees have elaborate designs all over them, simple blouse designs with Zari borders can balance it out properly.

Get the Right Jewelries

Jewelries play a pivotal role in making or breaking a look, especially for a saree look. Bengali women tend to grow a special place in their hearts for traditional gold jewelries. hence, you can never go wrong with a statement gold choker and a pair of Kaan Baalis. Gold bangles and a maang teeka can make the enigma in you come out. For a wedding party, however, you can modernize the look by pair up sleek and subtle costume jewelries with your traditional Baluchari silk saree. On occasions like these, if you choose a heavily worked Baluchari silk saree, then keep the jewelries as simple as you can. Never let the jewelries suppress the beauty of the saree.

Hair and Makeup Check

Less is more, and that’s the virtue you have to stick to when it comes to hair and makeup for a Baluchari silk saree look. Imagine the Bengali beauties with wide eyes and red bindi. Trust this divine combination and you are already a stunner. Apart from that, you must be aware of the fact that your makeup should complement the saree instead of looking over the top. A subtle base, a tad bit of highlighter, dark coaled eyes, red lips, and you are good to go. To enhance the saree even more, you can tie your hair up and make a traditional Jura or bun using hair brooches.

Finally, pick a sleek clutch purse and wear a statement footwear to match the whole look. That’s how you can style up your favorite Baluchari silk saree for wedding parties and grab the attention of the invitees just like that!