Whatever dress you choose in life, colour plays a major role in complementing the quality of your choice. Fabrics and design styles are many, but to present it in the appropriate colour is what matters the most. Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal offers endless colloection in terms of colours, but the question is what colour will suite you? We would like to share some tips with valuable information and make it easy for you to make the right choice.

Shades of Blue

blue saree

Blue is one of the most popular colours and almost all people like it even if it's not their favourite. Blue designer sarees are a common attire in the market which are avaliable in Chiffons, Banarasis, Silks, Handloom sarees and what not. The significance of this colour in general is associated with trust, peace, loyalty, confidence and intellegence. It means that it always signifies things to be postive. Blue colour in sarees appear in different shades like royal blue, sky blue tarquise blue, etc. So, a saree on an Indian lady will sure add some other postive compliments along with her natural beauty.

Shades of Green

green saree

The colour green is often used to express eco-friendliness, but beyond that the other significance that it has are growth, harmony and freshness. The different shades of green is often seen in sarees like Kanjivaram, designer Banarasi, Chanderi Silk and many more. Indian women with a bit healthy structure always look good in this colour, but any lady can wear saree of this colour to generate an impressive appeal along with her pleasant personality.

Shades of Yellow

yellow saree

Yellow is always eye catching as it doesn't matter on whichever saree it is used. A quality of this colour is that it can enhance the beauty quotient of an Indian lady if it is used in the dress in a right way. Some of the very common sarees where the colour is used to make it more attractive are Chanderi, Kanjivaram, Fancy Super Net, Assam Silk, etc. A woman can create a ravishing presence of her by wearing a beautiful yellow coloured saree.

White Sarees

white saree

The prime colour of peace and softness can really work out to be a great colour for sarees. The graceful presence of an Indian women can be redefined with this colour on different types of trendy sarees like Chiffon, Maheshwari, Kantha Stitch, Tant, Silk and many more. Off white or light cream is also a very good colour that goes well on most Indian women thus complementing her beauty. One can easily try out a white saree of any type and see if she can make herself look more impressive.

Black Sarees

Black saree

This is the colour which symbolizes anything bad or worse, but this ideology can be proved wrong, when an Indian lady wraps a gorgeous looking black saree around her body and flaunts her presence. Almost all types of sarees are available in black shades, but the most popular ones are Chanderi, Cotton Handloom and Chiffon sarees. Infact many women love to wear a black saree on casual occassions and at times on special occassions.