Though of late very few Indian ladies wear saree as a regular wear, but still if anyone wants to, can follow the sarees mentioned here as a regular wear. What type of saree will a woman prefer to wear regularly? Those which are easy to handle, comfortable and not prone to wear and tear. Roads and enviroments are not always easy and comfortable, so you will always need a saree that can bear these obstacles. Keeping these factors and critereas in mind we have listed the most eligible 5 types of sarees that will be the most suitable one for regular wear.

Printed Sarees

Printed sarees with beautiful designs always look awesome whenever a lady wears it. But the point is how much tough is it to witstand the roadside struggles in India. In that case printed sarees can be the right choice because these are availbale in different types of fabrics and have a long lasting glow in them. So, one can easily wear a printed saree and go wherever she wants to.

Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees

There are a variety of silk sarees available and what you need to choose beyond colours is the fabric which sould be rigid enough to witstand and cope with the normal lifestyle of an Indian lady. This is the perfect saree type for going to the office, taking your kids to schools and tuition or going out for a shopping. You can go for silk sarees like Kosha, Opara, Gicha and many other similar type of sarees.

Tant Sarees

Tant Saree

The sarees for a typical Bengali lady is also one of the most comfortable saree to wear as it perfectly goes with the Indian climate and the lifestyle. A lady can easily wear a tant saree and go to places like schools, market place and other places in the neighbourhood with ease and perform her social duties. An advantage of this saree is that it can be worn really fast with ease and comfort. Buy a tant saree and keeping rocking as usual.

Matka Sarees

Matka Saree

Matka sarees are normally a bit glossy with a lot of colourful designs, but anyone can wear these sarees and go to different places like shopping malls, friend's house and to some other similar casual places. These sarees can also keep your beautiful look intact along with easy movement. So, Matka Silk can surely be a very good choice in order to wear regularly yet doing justice to your beauty and elegance.

Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi Sarees

It is like casual beauty redefined because these simple looking sarees can surely make a lady look outstanding irrespective of her age. Chanderi silk sarees are very much light and comfortable to wear which is actually needed in a regular wear for going here and there with ease. They are also available in a variety of colours like violet, pink, brown, red, black etc which means that you can always choose to wear a different colour and not feel or look the same everytime.