Let us make a true confession here. Yes, it is about celebrating parties in our social life. We keep on doing parties throughout the year irrespective of season. To celebrate these parties following our culture and tradition we need to wear sarees. All Bollywood superstars and other leading ladies of our country always dress up in sarees when they attend parties. The designers of fashion industries are working day and night to follow the trend and tradition to make a designer saree for the ladies to give them look of perfect elegance and beauty. Fashion designers understand the need of today’s woman and work significantly to match the parameters. In our country, banarasi sarees are the most appreciated ones for parties like wedding, reception and other social ceremonies. It is the creation of artisans of Banaras. Benarasi sarees are popular across the fashion world because of its intricate weaving. It is designed with heavy gold or silver sarees and its magnificent drape is flawless for happy moments like wedding other traditional occasions. Banarasi sarees are divided into categories like Tanchoi, Jongla, Butidar, Korial, Zardosi etc. These sarees are having a wide range of color variation which attracts women irrespective of her age group. So, my friend, you must have banarasi sarees in your collection if you want to be a center of attention amongst a party crowd.
Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are of everyone’s choice because it gives an entire classy and fashionable look. Georgette fabrics have got a bouncy kind of a texture for which women prefer keeping it in their collection. Georgette sarees have got lovely color and designs and they are the favorites of designers also for making a designer saree. Many of the leading showrooms have included Georgette sarees in the enclosure of their signature collection range. So please make up your mind and select some of it and drape it around you to look elegant as well as ethnic amongst your friends and party.

Kanjivaram silk sarees cannot be ignored when you think of making a collection of party sarees. But kanjivaram silk sarees are most suitable for traditional parties like the wedding, reception, engagement and so on. They have such a rich quality of rich fabric and such an amazing finish that it will steal your heart at once. They have the variety of colors and design on them and complemented with a reasonable range of price range. They are characterized as an emblem of elegance. Kanjivaram sarees have got the shine and durability which make them unique in the area of sarees. My friends do not hesitate to pick up kanjivaram sarees as a party wear from the silk hub of South of India.
Baluchari Saree

Baluchari sarees are also considered as party sarees.they have their origin in a village named Sonamukhi situated in Bankura district of West Bengal. These sarees have come up with a concept of putting up stories from ancient literature on the pallu and border in the form of a design woven with silk thread. The durability of Baluchari silk sarees will go much beyond your expectation. As party wear you can most comfortably pick up baluchari sarees for your party collection.
Handloom Saree

At times you may like looking different in a party crowd. Put up your chin and most confidently drape a nice and bright handloom saree with proper accessories to go for a party. I am sure this will never let you down in the gathering. These days, handloom sarees are so very gorgeous in nature that it will make one look like a shining star in a party. You give them a special treatment and place them in your signature party collection. Parties are in a never-ending phenomenon in our social life. So please maintain a lovely collection of party sarees in order to welcome the happy moments of your social events and I am sure it will bring immense pleasure to you forever.