Bengali sarees are considered to be one of the most ethnic and graceful outfit for the Indian women. There is no doubt that bengali women are amongst the most gorgeous in the world, not just because of their looks but because of their class, style and culture. Bengal is famous for its rich store of pure fabrics, exclusive designs and royal looking garments. Bengali sarees has a glorious history and since the birth of Bengali community bangali clothes have also evolved accordingly with the time. To help you in bengali sarees online shopping we have listed some of the strikingly designed bengali sarees which you should buy.

Baluchari Saree:

baluchari saree

Baluchari is kind of a traditional silk saree which have floral or geometrical brocaded designs on it's body. The body of the Baluchari saree is contains artistic motifs depicting stories of Ramayana or Mahabharata or shows different sculptures and temples. There are other type of Baluchari sarees also which include habdwork like animals, vegetation, little picture of humans, marriage ceremonies, kings riding horses etc. One distinctive attribute od this saree is white coloured outlining of the motifs. These days Baluchari sarees are woven by exceptional quality cotton fabrics and sleek crochet trimming in strong hues.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree:

Dhakai Jamdani Saree

It is said that the origin of Dhakai Jamdani sarees is Bangladesh, Dhaka. From there, this saree got the name. But now dhakai jamdani saree are available in different regions of West Bengal too. Dhakai Jamdani saree is minutely designed with soft cotton fabrics in handlooms by saree weavers. Bengali women love to wear this kind of sarees because of it's breathable fabric, energetic shades and details handcrafting designs.

Garad Silk:

garad saree

Bengali women prefer to wear Garad Silk sarees usually in pujas and in any holy occasions. The word “Garad" means white which is the symbol of purity. Garad sarees can be identified by it's red border and off white body. Moreover, the most traditional of Garad sarees light weight and easy to carry. The Garad Silk is made from Tussar or Mulberry Silk, which is one of the pure fabric in world; that's why Bengali women like to wear Garad sarees.

Banarasi Saree:

banarasi sarees

Though the actual origin of Banarasi sarees is Vanaras (Uttar Pradesh), though it is true that bengali brides looks best in royal Banarasi sarees. West bengal has become a major manufacturer of Banarasi sarees now a days. This is the one of the most popular wedding saree or bridal saree of Bengal. A this saree has a royal look, women love to wear this saree despite of having high cost.

Tant Saree:

tant saree

Tant sarees is one of most comfortable saree that can be wear in regualar basis. Women feel relaxed after wearing this saree because it is made up of light weight cotton fabric which is perfectly suitable for humid weather of West Bengal. Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly of West Bengal are the major tant saree producing place where you can get exclusive Bengal handloom tant sarees.