Summer is knocking at the door and so many ceremonies are waiting for you. Most of the women already started silk sarees online shopping because saress like chanderi silk sarees , chiffon saree , kanjivaram sarees and opara silk sarees always make a woman look more beautiful and delicate with maximum comfort. All Indian ladies like to buy online sarees on every festive occasions. But in the summer months you have to be an expert in online saree shopping. You will surely agree that silk saree is the heart of every season and easy to carry in every season.

There are various types of silk available in the market but we have collected some gorgeous looking silk collections for you.

South Indian Silk

South silk or South Indian silk is one of the most popular saree in India. These sarees are the symbol of south indian culture. It makes your look more royal as it made of royal fabric from south. Though this saree named South indian saree, but in north india, woman like silk sarees more than anything. South indian silk also divided into some categories. Below, you will get the varieties.


Arni Silk:

Arni silks are known for their tenderness and it is durable too. These are extremely comfortable and you can wear it in every occasion.

Ikkat Silk:

Ikkat silks are made by binding individual yarns or bundles with a tight wrapping applied in the desired pattern.

Kanjivaram Silk:

This is most popular variety of silk. This saree is the first choice of new brides basically from of south india.

Maheswari Silk:

They are known for their majestic designs. Maheshwari sarees are made from silk and cotton fibers.

Opara Silk:

You can consider it as semi-bridal costume. It comes with lots of colors.

Traditional Silk:

The uniqueness of silk sarees is that it goes with the Indian culture very well. Moreover, traditional silk saree comes with so many colors that you can choose any one as per your requirement. You can find many designs like checks, strips, floral etc. Traditional silks also have different categories as follows:

Pure Silk:

Best choice for every occasion. Original pure silk sarees is famous for vivid colours and beautiful zari work in gold spread right across its length.

Acid Silk:

Most beautiful and hand print style saree.

Tussur Silk:

Tussur silks are produced from larvae of several silkworms. One of the most finest and costliest fabric in the world.

Fancy Silk:

Fancy silks goes with latest trends and easy to carry.

Chanderi Silk:

Most women like it because of light weight and authentic look.

Ghicha Silk:

People like it for various colors.

Khadi Silk:

These saree looks different from others but have the uniqueness.

Topeto Silk:

Famous for its multicolored designs.

Kota Silk:

Kota, a place from Rajasthan is famous for producing this type of silk.

Provincial Silk:


Indian Silk Saree has a great contribution in Indian Textile Industry. India is famous for producing different types of silk. Provincial Silk always shows your class and makes you more delicate. People believe that silk is the symbol of elite class for its cost but actually it is not restricted to any class. We have varieties of Provincial silks for you.

Assam Silk:

Originated from Assam and it has demand all over the world because of its beautiful design.

Baluchori Silk:

Famous in India and Bangladesh and it has some mythological touch.

Manipuri Silk:

A unique saree from the unique state of Manipur.

Swarnachari Silk:

People like its gold threaded designs. That is why it is known Swarna(Gold)chari silk.

Rajasthan Parshi Silk:

Beautiful design and buti sprinkled look make it more appealing.

Pashmina Silk:

Pashmina is a fine type of Kashmiri wool. Pashmina silk has 80% manual hand work.

Jaipur Doria Silk:

Another great collection from Jaipur(Rajasthan).

Bomkai Silk:

Bomkai saree is a handloom saree from Orissa. The exquisite look of the Bomkai saree make it more special.

Kosha Silk:

Kosa silk is one of the best silk fabric loved for its durability and comfort.

Parsi Silk:

This is has pure style and class though bit heavy due to hand stitched fabrics.

Silk is associated with india from the ancient times and not only common people, silk was one of the best choice of queens and princesses. Hope that Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal's online store will help you to have the best silk sarees online shopping .